Tuesday, December 6, 2011

having fun making more of these....

Sadly.... only a few at a time...my hand still can't grasp needles or do much precise folding ...before the elbow gives me grief.

Save your pretty foil-y type papers.....even some chocolate wrappers work beautifully.

I can point you in the right direction for folding instructions.... or send you some more detailed pics if I can't find the site... or...we just ask fellow bloggers to help us.  That's how I found a site again last year.

Then, it's just a matter of sticking some points into some other points...ahhahahha...and voila.... a cute little origami type tree ornament.  Attach a gold or silver thread... or ...well, any colour you like, really ...why not?  Make them your own.  Sometimes I like to add a little tiny gold or silver bell....or some beautiful beads ....  my tree is full of these things.   Folks will be able to choose one or a couple to take home with them from the tree.
 Photos in the camera... will upload them tomorrow.... off to physio now...... still at it.   How I wish there was more good stuff happening with this poor old arm.  It is taking sooooo long to notice any appreciable difference...


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Vee Sweetie,
So sorry to hear your arm is still giving you trouble. :(
But happy that you can create those lovely origami ornaments!
Can't wait to see the photos that you will be uploading. I just uploaded some photos of Christmas Around my Home if you would like to see them.
Sending healing hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Vee, Is that arm still giving you trouble? Love the little ornaments and will be looking for the pics of the rest. Clever girl you are!

Sylvia said...

Hello Veronica,
You've made lovely Christmas ornaments, the one with the nuts is so cute, what a great idea !
I'll start decorating my tree tomorrow :-)
Sorry to hear about your arm, hope it's getting better soon !
Take care,

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

That was strange I left a note but it went west.
I love the pretty decorations and what a good way of reusing chocolate wrappers. haha! Thanks for sharing.
Do hope your arm will feel better and physio will help.


Mary Ann Tate said...

A very nice idea for an ornament. Thank you. I love the header that you have today.....what a little sweet bear:)

Sorry your still having trouble with your arm:(

Shashi Nayagam said...

Those ornaments are so lovely. Amazing what one can do with little bits of paper. Hope that arm of yours heals soon.

Denny said...

Wow,another talented lady!Wish I could do stuff like that but afraid I lack patience. Love that little ornament,is it a little mouse in there cos I not sure.Love it anyway..:)

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Hello vee wow origami is so hard to do i brought our daughter a gift set she sits and tries to figure it all out lol i'll have to show her what you have done its beautiful :-)

merry christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor arm, I hope you start to see more improvement soon. I agree with you about the scissors - Malcolm knows never to touch my scissors without permission!! I have different coloured ribbons tied on them to show what they can be used for. I have the most wonderful pinking shears, that I have had since I was at school. They are very heavy, and still cut beautifully!