Thursday, July 24, 2008

play day...

Mowed the lawn a few days ago..dusted 2 days ago... golfed and baked yesterday... hah! time for a play day!

So... I made a second little tiny kimono just for fun. Recognize my fabric? One and the same.. Henry was sitting on it for his pics. The pattern info mentions that you can put a skewer through the sleeve area for hanging...perhaps even add a thin silver or gold cord to the tiny skewer and use them as Christmas tree decorations. I can see them in a shallow shadow box frame....

Some days it is fun to do a small thing that can be finished in "jig time" as they say...well, I don't actually know who uses that saying.....but my sister and I do say it on occasion; adding the "as they say" part, as we do, and then wondering...who says that anyway?

After another warm one yesterday.. although not as warm as a few days ago.... there was the welcome tap, tapping and trickling sound of rain in the downspout late last night...and all through til morning The lawns needed it; they were beginning to get a bit crispy looking.

Fresh blueberries were on sale perhaps today I will also bake.... lemon blueberry muffins....mmmmm...... lovely and lemony..... my mouth is watering just thinking about the lemony part.


smilnsigh said...

You are just too full of 'do-do-do' and you are going to tire me out, just reading here. :-)

Here, we have gotten sooooo tired of drip, drip, drip of rain. It's been raining "forever," and finally stopped and we are soooo happppy. :-) Doing happy dance!

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Daisies are such a happy flower, and growing wild all over. A pretty, happy gift from God :) Nice picture.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's a gorgeous little kimono and the skewer hanging idea is a great one!

Vee said...

That kimono is great...I loved how you described sewing to quite the kick out of it. I feel that way even when I'm sewing something much larger.

Yes, I did so tell you me RL name. I'm glad that you forgot it, though. Hope that you forget it again. ;>

Have a happy weekend...hope that you get to do fun things!

Carole Burant said...

Love that tiny kimono and there are so many possibilities of how to display it:-) We need a good rain but it just isn't happening right now. We get some cloud bursts while the sun is shining...really weird. Doesn't rain enough for it to count, though. I'll be right over for one of them blueberry lemon muffins...yummmm! The wild blueberries are ready here and lots of people are picking them in the woods...always see a bunch of cars parked alongside the highway. Wishing you a great weekend:-) xoxo

MightyMom said...

well, I love the kimono.... I thought it was an outfit for one of your little critters.

bluberry lemon muffins?? If I start out now can I be there in time to get some while they're still warm??

Gina said...

The little kimono is very sweet...I remember your little paper origami Christmas decorations too :)
Lemon & blueberry muffins sounds so good..count me in! Gx

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The tiny kimono is just sooo cute.
And the muffins sound yummy.
We are so fortunate here to have lots of rain(maybe a bit too much) and our seasonal fruit; peaches, apricots, plums... are great in muffin recipes.
Enjoy your Sunday!
xo Susan

Draffin Bears said...

Lemon, blueberry muffins sound yum Vee - I wish
I could come for morning coffee with you.

Your little kimono is ever so cute.


We had a storm here so much rain and wind - our
power went out at 2pm Saturday and did not come
back on until 9.00am Sunday. The lovely part is
we had to sit around by candle light and talk to
each other rather than watching a movie or TV,
it was really nice.

Ginie-Lee said...

Like the sound of those lemon blueberry muffins..............
Two of my favourite fruits in one hit!!!

Judy said...

Cute kimono!

And thanks for your visit...we definitely live in a beautiful place. I got some great shots of wildlife in the Rockies last week...I'll post one of these days.

Have you had any tornadoes pass by your doorstep lately? One touched down close to our campsite just east of Calgary while we were on our roadtrip.

Linda Fleming said...

The kimona is just too darling! Did you enjoy eating your muffins as you sat and looked at your gorgeous daisies?