Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm a bear making machine! HAH! Not!

But ... little Tuffy ....cousin of Scruffy is now complete. I was trying to make one as much like Scruffy as possible. I don't know if other needle felters have the same problem..but seeing as there are no patterns for them can be somewhat tricky to get the bits to look the same. However,....I am very happy with my results.

He is 1 3/4 " tall and made from a mix of 70% Alpaca and 30% Merino wool. His eyes are black onyx beads and he has an embroidered nose. My little guys are sort of medium to soft in the firmness department and I am partial to the fluffy look instead of the smooth finish. To finish him off I plucked out bits of mohair from a chunk that matched his colour...then, carefully needled them into the finished bear to make him softer and much more fluffy looking. The little bow is a strand of yarn.


Pauline said...

Fabulous little bears Veronica - and no patterns either. I think needle felting is so clever and you have to be brave to have a go with those barby needles!! Great job.

Warm wishes

BumbleVee said...

I think I got a bit more clever after the first few horribly painful stabs into my own fingers! LOL You are reeeeellly hurts when you get yourself!

I began to stab a bit more gently ...and also didn't take the needle too far out of the wool... so maybe that helped improve my aim or something... and then...on the really tiny bits I even use my thumbnail as a guide and don't go beyond it.