Sunday, July 29, 2007

I haz been away

Nope, ... did not fall off the blog wagon ... just took off for a week. Couldn't keep up with my mail or the blog either ( my sis has dial up and a mouse that absolutely wouldn't work for me) ...arrggh...

Took 114 pics too, so will have to go through them to see what is worth saving and posting ... delete the rest. Definitely keeping this one of Mickey.

The weather was hot. The very same as it was here all the time we were gone. Luckily my friend and neighbour watered my pots so the yard still looks good. The temperature was + 33C when we got home so the inside of the house was good and hot too.... +28 C..... the AC has been running steadily ever since.

Thought I would be able to stitch on a bear or two while away..but should have also thought to take along my Ott light. I absolutely cannot see the tiny stitches well enough without it. It almost seems to magnify things.... of course, it doesnt' really...but anybody who uses one probably knows what I mean. With it I can see every thread in the fabric and know exactly where I am stitching. Needless to say...I got little or nothing done on any bears or dogs.


Folksie Linda said...

Welcome Back Vee, hope you had a good time! Hugs, Folksie Linda

BumbleVee said...

Hi Linda.... yes had a great time.... tx.

I always want to stay longer when I am having a fun visit with my sister....we don't get to see each other nearly often enough. But it is best not to over-stay my welcome I suppose.
It would be so easy just to hang out for waaaay too long..... or just move in... hahhaha..... Don't think that would impress my BIL much; but I have to say..we all did have a fun time!