Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..not above bribery....

My garbage guys are pretty special... some of you know that from previous posts... they take anything and everything. I've even seen them struggle to get in stoves and fridges.. which they are definitely not supposed to bother with, and how dare people expect it? In neighbouring B. C. province people are allowed only one can; they pay extra for anything else they set out. Last dry days saw me busy hacking off branches... shrubs and trees including my neighbour's overgrowths...good thing they don't notice or care. I chopped them into about 4 foot lengths...and tied as best I could into 4 separate big and kind of messy bundles. I also had clippings and pruned 4 big my one can.... oh, I figured if they took some of it that would be good. I could put the rest beside the shed til next week. However, Tuesday was a baking I was ready when they drove down the alley. I handed the driver a bag of warm blueberry muffins and said "I'm not above bribery".... but if you take half of it I will be happy..... he laughed and said not to worry...they would take it all.

They have such a sense of humour too. The neighbour set out this pot in front of her garbage ... ... the flowers still looked pretty good to me and obviously to the pickup guy too. He picked it ..looked at it and hung it up on the light... it was bouncing and swinging to and fro above the loading area, but secure... and he got to enjoy it for the day.... I would have copped it if he hadn't... .

As usual, while trimming, I was also doing the usual....having fun.. wasting time.... saving some small pretty flowers and leaves to press. This is a proper flower press that Mom got for me years ago...I don't often use it..... it is just as easy (actually it is easier) to use any old book that happens to be lying about.

However, right now, pressed flowers seem to be spilling out of any book I op-en!

Some of them got pounded..... as in flower pounding.

It is actually more like tapping, because if you pound too hard you just get blobby colours..instead of the flower shapes. There are several different ways to do this, so if you are interested just Google flower pounding and you will see what it is all about. Some people prepare the fabric in the same manner as if they were going to dye it... some don't... if you don't you must not wash it of course. My bit of fabric will likely only be used for something for a doll some it won't be getting wet. I just set up some flowers on a board and pound away. Use a few nice brightly coloured flowers....and then fill in the spaces with leaves and smaller flowers til you are happy with how it looks. You can even use pen strokes on the outlines to make it more artistic if you like.... ...

Last time Mr. BumbleVee asked me to pass him a short 2 X 4...I gave his this one. Look how pretty the used board could be framed and hung on a wall. He looked at it... cocked his to one side and gave a big grin... "awww, gee, for me?...thanks"..... then tossed it aside and said... something just a little bigger please..... ..... preferably plain old beige-y


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oooh! This is new to me! I bet it would make nice book covering paper, or decorated pages, must have a go. Thank you for posting about this!

Draffin Bears said...

So funny about your rubbish guys taking any sort of rubbish - they are so fussy here, only take the offical Council rubbish bags.

I have a small flower press - they are fun aren't they. I am like you - I place them in a large book.


Carole Burant said...

Ask your garbagemen to come over here and teach ours how to do a little extra...gosh, I'll even bake them something too! lol Ours only pick up what they have to, anything else stays there. I was going to say that flower basket still looked pretty good to me too....strange that your neighbour would put it out for garbage!

Love the pressed flowers! I had to giggle at what your hubby said when you handed him the board with the pounded flowers on it! hehe xoxo

Linda Fleming said...

We have great garbage guys, too. As long as everything is no longer than 4 feet and bundled, they will take it, bless their hearts. How sweet that the garbage guy hung the flowee basket to enjoy while he was working- and they are hard working people, aren't they?

Love your pressed flowers- especially the ones on the wood!

Vee said...

I've been working on my dried flowers and have a few cards made up. I found some great glue for the project...hope to feature it on my blog when and if I ever get back to it...blogging that is. Ohhh, flower pounding...must try that next. ;D

Gina said...

Great idea...sounds like fun! :D