Tuesday, June 4, 2019

... and now it's summer......

Blogging seems to have become a thing of my past.... time just flies and not much to say...nothing much for show and tell.... still trying to get back the strength in my arm and also in the rest of me.  I got lazy during the months I could do nothing with that arm and everything else went sideways too.

Mostly now I am just dirty and sweaty out in the flower garden cleaning up debris and also planting pots... the temperatures jumped from snow and cold to blistering hot... it was +28C the past few days.  Only been golfing twice.    It's even too hot for that to be fun.

See all those invasive violets under the birdie bath and every other place in the garden?  They were hours of work yesterday to dig up, shake off dirt and toss.  Trying to get as much of the little pieces as possible.  I want to eradicate it entirely... may  not be possible.....
A new bleeding heart showed up..must have re-seeded itself... if they fill in I will be happy.

A neighbour saw me outside the other day and asked if I wanted an indoor plant of hers that is not doing well... okay, I'm a sucker ... I hate to see plants tossed out.   Anyway... I did say yes and took it out of the pot yesterday.  Totally root bound and almost rotted through both large stalks just below the soil.  It had a new little shoot trying to make a go of it and so I figured I would just have to compost the major portion of the plant... and save the baby.  Here is Baby Groot..... for those of you who know Guardians of the Galaxy.  I also am trying to root a couple of the large leaves in just water to see if it will get some rootlets...I have no idea what the plant is.

Anybody know from the large leaf behind the pot what it might be??

My broken wrist has mostly healed.   It is still sore a lot of the day.. and doesn't quite turn over the way I would like it to do yet.  I hope it is temporary.  Still doing physio and go every 3 weeks..  to see how things are progressing... never quick enough for me but she seems impressed with my healing.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Vee I have been away from blogging too. Mainly because life keeps happening. Not much creative work done since Christmas. I am sorry to hear that your wrist is still giving you pain.i hope it will get better soon.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sorry I'm of absolutely no help with plant identification. I wonder though if it might be some type of diefenbacia (sp?). I hope your wrist soon feels back to normal too.

Lin said...

Keep working that wrist....out in the garden...typing on your blog....planting little plant babies...and with time it will come back. It's when you STOP trying that it freezes.

Your garden looks great!