Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ruthless people....

How I wish I was one of them... (or is that "wish I were" ?..I never know on was and were)

Anyway.... I'm purging and organizing I usually do the first week in January every year.  It's a New Year ritual with me.  I did mention to somebody that I'm being ruthless....but, who am I kidding?  I am probably more like a hoarder.  Well, not a reeeellly bad one..but you know...keep too much stuff.  Especially crafting stuff.  Because... well, I may need it tomorrow and then, I will have tossed it today... and then, I'm off to Michael's to buy a new one.  You know the drill.  So, somehow I just organize it a bit takes up less space.

"""I'm keeping my bauble forget tossing it.."""  And, don't event think about getting rid of the extra sleighs... you can make riders for them ... """"

And, ....I managed to find the treadmill.  Yup.  And, you know the saying, what's been seen cannot be unseen.  In my case... that includes my exercise buddy.  I began walking on it yesterday ...that felt great .....   and will continue pretty much daily now that I can see it, even if it is still surrounded by lots of boxes; empty and full.  They will be gone by tomorrow.  Absolutely.  Packed or tossed.  I'll have room then for stretching and other hopping about as I get my regular routines down pat once again.   Even the tv is back on the wall.... something to occupy me while I walk and stretch...

So, hardly time to blog right now. .. because when I have it..... good energy must be used cleverly.  It is still snowy and slippery outside in many places... and I ain't going out walking to try to get up enough speed to make it count as exercise.  Ever since my sister fell on some ice and sustained a horrible concussion, resulting in residual brain damage, I've used my treadmill all winter.  I love it.  Don't even have to put on my 'eyes' or get dressed up or anything.... just hop on and get busy walking. To my way of thinking it's the perfect answer.

 I'm working on the Christmas decorations.  Finding better boxes ... some smaller and some longer and will make it all fit better in the storage space.  Although, I am spoiled in the big storage space department...and it all fits.  I just like to have it sort of arranged so I can see things and know where to put a finger on what I want; when I want it.

""" Oh, no ya don't !!  We demand to be allowed to play with the fun stuff all year ... don't you dare throw them out or even pack them with the Christmas stuff..""" !!

 get Mr. BV and his stuff organized.... probably won't have an better luck than I am with the other 'residents'.... sigh....  I feel kinda outnumbered around here some days.  Make that most days.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! In the winter I use a rowing machine and elliptical trainer (and watch tv at the same time). It is hard to part with stuff when we have our annual fit of clearing out!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting me!

All your little bears are so cute!! I love the donkeys in your sidebar, too. We use to have donkeys, but not in the past couple of years. I sometimes miss hearing them bray. :)

Unknown said...

Yeah yeah ... give it another couple of weeks and I bet that treadmill will suddenly disappear again! hehe! While you have ice and snow, I'm sitting here in 'next to nothing' trying to cool down. We have temps in the 40's at the moment. Sue

Gwen Buchanan said...

Your tree and your little bears look beautiful.
Great idea to get your exercise in a comfy place.. no need to risk your life just when your trying to improve it. John has been wanting a treadmill for quite some time but doesn't know what kind to buy. so many kinds!

Twiglet said...

He he - I love your little friends with "attitude"! Hope you soon get all sorted out in 2013.x Jo

Catherine said...

I like purging and organizing at the start of the year. Good for you on getting back on the treadmill! I like using mine.
Happy New Year!
xo Catherine

Draffin Bears said...

Happy new year to you Vee and best wishes for 2013.
Good luck with the purging, organizing and treadmill. I will be doing much the same.


Lin said...

Good idea using the treadmill! I actually went to the gym today and used the elliptical...the pool is tomorrow...BRrrrrrr!