Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a dinosaur? ..

Why the mohair critters all look so strange before turning is a mystery.  My bear heads all look like alligators to me ...and this ...which is a little lady goosie.... looks like some prehistoric monster from the lost lagoon or something.... well, maybe if I squint real hard, it does resemble a chicken ..or a goose... sorta.

The dining room table has become my play table.... seeing as I still don't have my hobby room organized or the big table in there tidied and cleared of unpacked boxes of 'stuff'.  Time for a major purge.

A rather strange assortment of tools, odds and ends I know....but, that seems to be how it is continuing with me.  Just still not organized.  The hammer is waiting for somebody to us hanging pictures.... which are still leaning against walls or pieces of furniture.......

Those little balls of wool.... my sister found them at a fair in the fall and thought maybe I could use them for something.... they don't appear to be felted as much as just rolled together somehow ... very soft and lightly gathered...

Any suggestions? ...


Petrine said...

Hello, here we are, Barnum and me. we have not been blogging much lately, but hope we`ll do more of it. Its been a very ok winter so far, and hope it will last. -10 C a little bit cold for Barnum, but ... I dont like snow and storm so thats ok.

I have not needle felt so much either. I mostly knitting and crocheting. And a bit of needle punching. I`ll put out some pic of it when its ready.

Hope you are well and I send you a big hug :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Look forward to seeing your Lady Goosie when you finish her.
Yes, they do look strange before they are turned the right side and filled.
Could you use the balls for a pompom on a clowns suit or a wooly hat?

Happy week and hope you are staying warm

Shashi Nayagam said...

Well if it does turn out into a dinosaur which I doubt it will so be it. I know it will still cute and cuddly