Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Daisy

........she wonders aloud, over at her cottage ...if we have any "old" items that we love.

I do... here is one of them.

It is a sweet little vase brought by my aunt from England in 1972 when she immigrated to Canada. She claimed her Mom (my grandmother) had it and that it was well over 150 years old (in '72)... difficult to say .... my aunt was a bit of a queer duck and sometimes we were just not sure if she really knew for certain ..or if she made up stories ...or ..well, you could never really pin her down, no matter how hard we tried ... I'm sure you get it. However, it is old, that's for sure ... where is an Antique Road Show appraiser when you need one eh?
It is a lovely, soft, yellowish green, very clear glass with little bumps on it....a milky, bluish white around the rim...
You can see that one of the little toes on the stand is broken off if you look closely. After all the traveling that thing did ... and it even managed to survive WW II in Britain, unscathed ..... look what happened while in my care! However, in my own defense, let me tell you how that happened.

A dog appeared in my garden out of nowhere one day ... madly dashing about, trampling flowers with every step; seemingly happy and healthy..but racing around like a wild thing. I made a couple of grabs for her and finally managed to catch her by the collar. Thank goodness she was wearing one ... I had hopes there would also be a traceable tag. I half dragged her into the garage and shut the door... but she didn't like that and set up some unhappy yowling..so I brought her into the house. By now you have already surmised part of it I am sure. She actually banged into a few things in the kitchen, so I tried to hold her still and calm her a bit... it was then that I got a better look at her... and noticed the poor thing had only one eye. She settled down and I made some phone calls...it was Friday afternoon near closing time for city offices and I had to get busy trying to find some help to track down her owner.
She sniffed around and explored a bit while I was phoning and with her big, fluffy, wagging tail.... eventually sent a few things sailing off a corner unit. My little English vase. Yikes! Luckily only one toe broke... and I sure couldn't get upset with a poor blind doggie. My house is not kid or dog proof.
We had to drop her off at a clinic downtown and they did know her as well as her owner .. apparently she has run off before.... .. I sure hope she stays home now... only one eye and busy streets..... I can hardly bear to think about it. .

oh, look .... it has a buddy. Yep. This little one came with it. I have always called them Mutt and Jeff... rather appropriate....


Shopaholic D said...

aww...sorry you broke your vase, but you were doing the right thing. i'm sure you have some good karma coming your way.

:) Diana
The Chic Life

The Hunter's Wife said...

Beautiful pieces and poor little dog.

Judi W. said...

The vase certainly is unique! The missing toe just gives it more history! I have a dog whose tail I must be very careful of - she has been known to knock coffee mugs over if we're not careful!

Vee said...

That is a sweet little vase with quite an interesting provenance. LOL!

You could write for a living...so much detail and a story well told.

I had a situation with two dogs running loose last winter. One was a golden lab and the other a dachshund...talk about Mutt and Jeff. I managed to trap the lab in my garage, but he didn't like it so well, either. When I called the dog catcher, he said that the dogs had been on the run for two weeks. They sure were scrawny and dirty. Poor things.

Little Blue Violet said...

Hey, that vase is fabulous! Really. I have never seen anything like it. It is beautiful. I am planning to do an entire post on my Rufus and your talents as soon as I can find my camera. I think I may have left it at a friends house in Pittsburgh over the weekend. I will drive down and pick it up this weekend.
your friend
Daisy/Darly (Daisy is one of my cats!)

Pauline said...

Oh I love that vase Vee, it's a little like a champagne glass, I can imagine 6 of them around the dinner table at Christmas in a royal household.


BumbleVee said...

ooooh, that would be something to be part of wouldn't it Pauline?

Daisy...looking forward to it ... glad to hear that he made it safe and sound.