Friday, October 26, 2007

They are here !!

The shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I was just wondering aloud (to nobody in particular) the other day about them. Checking my calendar and thinking it was getting close to the time of year. Just about time to start my little production line. Anyone and everyone can participate in this venture. In the beginning it was a small undertaking, but now, millions of boxes are being sent every Christmas season. We have one of the main warehouse depots right here in Calgary.
I used to go to the warehouse in the old days .... when it was a tiny undertaking and everybody knew everybody else that went each year to open, check, and repack the boxes. It is so much more than most people realize at the warehouse. You would not believe the, uh, ... well, ... I'll just be my honest, blunt self.... the absolute crap and horrible things some sick people put into what are supposed to be little gift boxes for children who would otherwise have nothing at all and who are mostly going through the worst times of their little lives. It got to be too big though, and some of the egos got big along with .... so that soon it was impossible not to speak up about some of the shenanigans and the ordering around and such.... but, then when I did that I was physically slapped on the wrist by a supervisor and told to mind my own business! Luckily for her my left hand was stronger than my right that day and managed to control the reaching of my right hand for her throat.. but.. in the end ... hey, I got fired from my volunteer job. Yup, I did. Hahaha... relatives and friends still joke about me 'not playing nice with the others'. Doesn't matter to me.... I am still happy that I refused to sit still for photo op boxes and aggrandizement for the big wigs playing a larger part than the rest of the boxes and the items placed in them.
Now...I just do my own and love to do it.. only for the kids. I have friends and relatives that help me out ... by leaving bags of stuffed animals on my doorstep at this time of year. During the year I watch for sales on school supplies, soaps, colouring books, toy cars and other small articles that will fit into the boxes. Together we do dozens of boxes ourselves, have a great time ... and know exactly what goes into each one.

In the summer, my brother gave me three huge bags full of stuffed toys... so this year... I can make as many as I like. Definitely won't run out of the fun stuff this year. More than likely will run out steam before I can get them all in boxes... but, there is always next year ......

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Folksie Linda said...

Good for you Vee, oh boy if we were together...we would definitely get in trouble.. i say... tell them like it is!
Hugs, Folksie Linda