Thursday, January 25, 2018

Nuthatches instead of idiot people

Nuthatches are soooo cute. ...   People in the news lately are not.

In fact they are total idiots and I am so sick of reading about them that I feel like the old buzzard joke.... you know the one..... Two of them sitting on the wires over a deserted road waiting for a car to come along and run over something so they can have lunch ..   Finally one says to his buddy...."I'm tired of this.... let's go kill something."That's about what I want to do.  Kill most of the stupid women who think sexual harassment is a look that to them appears to be a leer or a comment that they take as sexual misconduct..... arrrgghhh!@#$% .

GAG me with a BIG wooden spoon.  What the hell is going on?  Has the whole world gone nuts?  If something offends you women or you can't figure out a way to say 'NO' or 'SHUT UP'  or figure out some way to deal with reality and just carry on with life as the rest of us do  .... stay home babes....   it's actually a real world out here.   Get a grip willya?

'Nuff said... they are making my life hell at the moment... as are the other stupid women who are beating and starving their children....and locking them cages in the basement....   I'm so mad I could spit.  Who even wants to read the news anymore?

So, instead, because I haven't yet figured out a way to get rid of those last two miserable bitches I read about, who've totally ruined and injured some precious little kids .... I give you some cute nuthatches....

Red breasted ones at that.... even the males ..hahahhahah..... actually I am not sure which are males and which are females.  There must be some say to differentiate...but I don't know what it is.  Perhaps just the colouring is a bit more vibrant or something.  In which case these may be little ladies ...they seem a bit paler than some I've seen.  Stewart?  Do you know? ... Kenneth? .... any other birders out there? ..

Here is a Female Downy Woodpecker sharing with a Nuthatch.  They don't mind any bird on the other side except Sparrows.  They hop around and peck those and get rid of them.   The others all peck in harmony for some reason.

Head over to Stewart's blog and check out lots of beautiful birds.. or click on the link below.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm with you in being heartily sick and tired of listening to the news these days. The latest here is that the leader of the provincial Conservative party has been accused - four months before the election. It's ALL that's been on the news today, along with the usual drivel about the idiot in the White House. How I wish some forward-thinking individual would come up with a 'good news' channel where ALL they reported were good things. Give me birds and animals any day!!

Terra said...

Nice post and the nuthatch photos are appreciated.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I don't watch the news on TV anymore.

Cute nuthatches. We don't see any here until closer to spring. I guess they're all at your house :)

June Caedmon said...

Lovely captures! I wish we had nuthatches here. One of my favorite birds!

Lin said...

The news isn't really "news" anymore, but infotainment. They will do anything for ratings and cover silly things like faux celebrities and falsehoods just to get people to watch. Let's not even tread into the politics. Ugh. We don't watch the news anymore.

BUT...I LOVE to see the happy bird photos. There is much good out there in the world...and funny stuff too. That is what I choose to search out in my day.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Yep the news actually depresses me. Its the world we are living in and i don’t know when it is going to right itself.
Love your nuthatches