Wednesday, January 10, 2018


One day in late fall, we were cleaning windows when I spied a bobcat strolling along across the street.  Looked like he owned the whole street, and, in particular, a couple of neighbour's yards, the way he was strolling through all of them on his way to who knew where.

Well, next day I saw it again..this time with a full grown bunny in its mouth.  The thing was about the size of the cat... dragging on the ground... 

I watched it go around the back of the neighbour's house and so I emailed her to let her case she came out and was face to face with it eating its prey. 

She wrote back to say.... 'it is a Mommy and she has two babies in the backyard'.  'That is their lunch'.  She asked if I wanted to go over and we could look out a basement window to see them.  YES please!!

Off I trotted with my camera.

Here are some of my photos of that day.... those babies were so darn cute I wanted to go out and pet them.... but, Momma was nearby cleaning herself at the fish pond... not a good idea.

The first glimpse of it carrying something...didn't yet know what.  If you are a bit squeamish, don't look at the second photo.  And, if you want to see on the photos.

I couldn't believe the size of the rabbit compared to the cat... it was pretty darn big.   Poor bunny.  Neighbourhood cats, BEWARE>

Then, I got some pictures of the babies through the neighbour's basement window....awwwwwwww......... how cute are they?

Honestly, I just wanted to bring one home.  Fairly big babies ... but babies nonetheless... just lazing out after a nice dinner and sort of seeing some movement from us, but not concerned.

Mommy, tidying up after the messiness of feeding the kids.


Twiglet said...

Lovely photos Vee - isn't nature brilliant. xx Jo

Mary Ann Tate said...

Good grief. I only see the odd fox trotting down the road. Fabulous pictures.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my goodness -what amazing photos!!!!! So incredibly fortunate to be able to see the family up close - something you will remember forever.

Stewart M said...

Wow! That would be so good to see! I mentioned on another blog that I have never seen a real wild cat of any type (feral ones yes, real wild ones, no). Very jealous.

Cheers - Stewart M