Friday, March 15, 2013

Yo- yo season..

..and I don't mean playing with them because it is spring.  I mean it is the season when the weather yo-yos....  long before it is time to be out there playing at all.

This is actually a time when we can get a lot of snow...

Two days ago it soared up to +15C; snow melting like crazy and little rivers running down the alleyways as thick ice was melting there too... sunny and warm and easily warm enough for a great golf day if the ground wasn't frozen and covered with snow and ice....

Yesterday?     it plummeted once again and today it is -12C and snowing ....  it's a winter wonderland once again outside .......  sigh......and, so......we wait.... for real yo-yo weather.

Meantime.... seeing as I am out of flour....I know... "GASP" !!  how can that be?  My second hobby is baking and I ran out of THE staple....flour.   Sigh....I am so fired.

Okay then.... I'll play with my feet instead.   My goose feet that is.  They have been sitting around ...getting moved from hobby room to coffee kitchen table over the past few weeks.  Once I actually worked on them.
Yesterday I added some Apoxy Sculpt and got them about the right size and shape that I was trying for.
And, may I just remind everybody that Apoxy Sculpt can adhere to just about anything, so don't forget to put it back onto the tin foil while letting it dry.  Here I moved the feet to a place mat for a photo and forgot them for quite a while ... later I picked one up and the placement lifted off the table attached to it.  Luckily it had not finished setting or Ms Goosie might be permanently attached to a placemat.
If ever you try glue on something and it does't work?.... buy a couple little pots of Apoxy Sculpt.

The next thing I knew, little Ms Goosie was examining things herself and wondering if they would eventually be the right size and shape for her body type.

Soon, I will have to poke some holes in her undercarriage and decide exactly where to position them so she will be balanced enough to stand on her own.

Maybe later today ....seeing as no baking will be happening... actually it could happen right after breakfast... my neighbour is out there snow blowing our sidewalk for some unknown I got lucky and don't have to shovel...wheeee....... thanks TOM! you crazy old guy......


Twiglet said...

Oh how pretty your little goose will be with such dainty little feet! I am going to see Gretel next week - will give her your love. x Jo

fairy thoughts said...

Cute goose I expect she feels a bit lost without her legs.
You commented earlier about my picture of the grass covered car.... it is an advert for really:) but i had to look really closely.
thanks for sharing

Lin said...

Twiglet--Please tell Gretel "hello" for all of us and tell her that we are thinking of and praying for her.

Them is some snappy legs that goosey is gonna get! I can't wait to see her completed.

Abi said...

Loving the goose!! have body and feet been united now?!
I just saw on the news we may be expecting snow on Friday - I swear they have to be kidding - it was shorts and t-shirt two days ago!! I really am done with the snow. I hope they are wrong, I really do!!! having said that, if it gest rid of this awful hay-fever I'll be chuffed. No tablet seems to be working. Ugh.