Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GE Induction Cook Tops

I'm kicking myself for not doing a lot more homework before buying one.  We thought we had researched them sufficiently to think we were upgrading to the latest and greatest.  Appears we were wrong.

First of all... finding some cookware that works is tricky.  It has to be magnetic.  My All Clad that we bought about a year ago...??  a big, fat, resounding NO!  Yikes!  And the new All Clad? ...along with other brands, makes the most annoying hums, buzzes and pinging or ticking sounds.  I can't stand the noise.

So far, we've tried CuisinArt, Le Creuset stainless, and two other manufacturers, Demeyere and WMF, because the claim is that it needs to be good quality stainless in order for it to work properly.  No luck there either.

Something that does work is Le Creuset.  Wouldn't you know it?  It is soooo heavy and pretty expensive.  However, I did buy one smallish enamel Dutch Oven pot...because it was being discontinued, was on sale ...and then... a further 30% off that.  The only price a person can afford when it's Le Creuset... sale price.   Except for the unruly weight...I love it.

It's a bright yellow called Dijon...can't figure out why it is being discontinued.  I like the colour... much better than the ugly dark greens, blues and (gag) ... purple..   it was sitting beside...and, I definitely don't want red or orange...

Guess what I am using for pots and pans ?? My ancient 3 ply stainless that I bought from a traveling salesman when I was 17 and still living at home (in the late 60's).  Some of you will remember the scenario.  The guy comes to the door... gives his pitch... you say no...they sweeten the deal by adding dishes... you still say no, and they sweeten it more by offering a whole set of stainless flatware. ... and even some some cleansers.. at which point you finally say yes ... because it was the time of your life when you were considering leaving home and would be needing some stuff anyway?  plus who knows...maybe thinking ahead to marriage? ... hahha.... yeh, as if... I never gave that much thought in those days.

Anyway... the upshot of my purchase was.. I paid half down... nothing showed up.  I got mad.  He wasn't getting away with that.  I located the head office in Calgary; (at the time I lived in Kamloops in the neighbouring province) talked my sister and our boyfriends into driving to Calgary in whatever jalopy we could make run that far... and off we went.. at least a 10  hour drive at those speeds and on those roads in the day....
Found the office, laid my complaint... they trundled out the goods, I paid the rest (I probably refused to pay full price, can't remember, but that would have been my MO; nothing's changed in all those years.) and off we went.  Happy as larks.  The only problem is sister and I split the set.  I only have two saucepans (one lid missing) and one large soup pot...  but, all these years later, those lovely, still shiny pans are the only ones that work properly and are silent when the stove is turned on.  I have used the heck out of them and they are still perfect.  What the ... ????

And, my stainless steel flatware was in regular use up until a month ago when I bought new stuff and really ... still in perfect condition.  The dishes... still have the gravy boat and a little plate or two hidden in the back of a cupboard.  Maybe my sister will trade some of her remaining pans for my useless practically brand new All Clad.

The other thing I know now is this:  repair techs hate induction cook tops.  The fella here to fix my new GE microwave ( yep, the keypad quit working after only two weeks) noticed the stovetop and said so.  They say there is so little info around on them even though they are not a new idea. They seem big in Europe, but not here.  He said keep my extended warranty handy.  If one burner area goes...they have to change out the whole undercarriage and it is at least $900 for the part. ..huh?  Who buys extended warranties?  Not me.  I always think if it goes in the first little while then I know I got a lemon and hopefully things are still covered on regular warranty.  I don't wear down the sales guys to then add that amount back on as payment for extended warranty.

They sure don't make 'stuff' like they used to.  It's called planned obsolescence.


Maa said...

My sister has the new induction cookwear and I think she's very happy with it. I still love my gas cooker and my scanpans. Old fashioned .... you betcha! Sue

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love our induction stove :D needed new pots and pans, so getting new ones wasn't too big of a deal, just had to go to a few different stores in town to see if they had pots that would work. love that it boils water in literally 10 seconds or less :D

it wasn't cheap, and i am worried about the top cracking if something heavy lands on it, but thats what insurance is for :p

and less chance of burning my hand, unlike the electric cooker where I could

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh no, not the Micro wave too. I really hate those digital keypads. Planned obsolescence alright all across the board on almost everything out there today. I have lost my trust in them all.
I'm ready to go back to living in a cave and cooking over a campfire...

BeadedTail said...

I don't cook because it stresses me out and sounds like even buying the cookware in the first place is stressful! Yikes!

Catherine said...

Purple cookware? GAAAK! Haha!
Nope, they certainly don't make things like they used to. Good luck with your stove!
xo Catherine

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh Vee sweetie......what a Big Headache that is! Didn't it bring an instruction booklet or something when you got it? Maybe in there they would tell you what kind of pots and pans to use. I have a gas range and love it. :)
Hugs and good luck.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

My sister has had an induction top for years and really loves hers and it has never given her any trouble.
The flat the kids are in, has one and we had to sort out pots and pans for them. You needed to test the pots with a magnetic, something to do with the copper bottoms on the saucepan.
Hope you get everything sorted, I know what a headache it must be giving you.


ruthanne said...

We have been looking at the induction cook tops, guess I will do some more research! Thanks!