Sunday, December 23, 2012


I've got my oven working !!!  There will be a little roasted chicken for Christmas dinner after all !

Baked some loaves of bread for the first time since July...... aaahhhhhh ..... nothing like the smell and taste of fresh bread.....mmmmm...

The manager of Legacy cabinets actually came with one of the finishers...and together they managed to re-build the opening for the oven... and the appliance installers came the following day to hook things up.  My stove is working!  And..I love it.

See how the opening originally didn't even match the drawers on either side?  It is hanging lower by far than it needed to ... for looks as well as for the size of our oven.  It doesn't need to be down there...and then... on the third attempt to arrange an opening that fits the oven...they still made the opening too short to cover the bottom portion.  So..even if it was the correct size ...which it still wasn't ... the width measurement was the height...and the height was the looks ridiculous.

 looks like this.  Perfect.  But, it took a lot of time and effort and headaches and arguing on our part to get it the way it should be...not just the way we want it to look.

However, the dishwasher panel still doesn't it is too short... after being too long the first time.  The panels for the fridge are almost ruined.  The screws are too long for the area where they had to put them for the brackets that hold them on to the fridge door. ....and they almost punctured the front in many areas.  They are saying they will repair them.  I don't want that.  I want new panels.  Done properly.  We are "discussing" it.

For now... and until well after the New Year....I am happy to have my stove top and oven working.  I am happy to have a proper dining room area.... crowded by my pretty tree...... with plants all in the wrong area.... like we have every year when we have to make room for our tree  ...hahahha... I love it!
I like to put it there so I can admire it from the kitchen...cuz... that's where I spend most of my day.

Must go....  today I'm baking some double chocolate chunk cookies with cherries ...... and because I feel happy and have more energy...I'm going to be playing with some little walnut mice decorations too... have several on the go... assembly line fashion.  There are 3 little girls who moved into a house across the street.... I want to hang some on their doorknob.   I always like to imagine how surprised kids would be to find somebody has left them a little giftie....I know I would have been as a kid.... maybe times have totally changed and I'm just out of the loop, old and funny... ...but, ...maybe not.

 Especially at Christmas.


Gretel said...

Do it! Do it - it will be lovely for them, in a new home. And I am SO happy that your oven is working again. Happy cooking - and Happy Christmas! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you ... I can't even imagine how hard it must have been for you, not being able to do what you love doing. Now you can bake/cook to your hearts content. Yepee! Thank you for the lovely Christmas card, mine will probably get to you late. Merry Christmas Dearest friends and Happy New Year. Big Hug from London. xx Maria & Joe

Jennifer Rose said...

yay!! that is great news about your stove :D

Lin said...

Oh wow. Look how beautiful it all looks!! The table and chairs...the installed oven....WOW!! I'm glad it is in and working for the holiday. :)

Merry, Merry Christmas, my friend!

Judi W. said...

closer and closer! so happy that you are going to be able to bake again and that you have your stove for Christmas! Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!

Twiglet said...

It's all looking good! Glad you got your oven back!! Happy Christmas Vee!! x Jo