Sunday, December 16, 2012

Refurbished wreath..

I decided the other one was just not ... uhm.... 'substantial' enough, would be a good description, I think..... for the new door.

This one adds a bit more oomph ... has more weight, and doesn't just sort of disappear into the door.  It's one I had a few years ago...I subtracted some things...and added others and am happier with it for this year.

It's not turning out to be the Christmas we thought it would be.... when we began the reno in mid July.

We should have been totally finished and moved back in by end of October... plenty of time to enjoy the new surroundings... "learn" my new stove and have fun doing lots of Christmas baking.

It's not happening.

The cabinet company is messing with our house, our hearts and our heads.  They are still trying to figure out how to build the opening for my oven.  It is just a regular built in oven.  They are supposed to be cabinet makers.  I don't get it.

I finally got mad and wrote a letter to the the same time our contractor managed to contact the same guy... and told him in no uncertain terms to get his butt over to our house and get the mess sorted out.  He had no idea of course, of what has transpired...everybody is covering their own derrieres.... and how many times things have been done and re-done since the first day of installing, when several things were already not right.  He finally found our files...  did arrange to meet us on Monday try to set things in motion and get us finished.  He showed up and was a bit surprised at our distress and our situation.  He promised I would have an oven by Christmas.  But, he also promised to call me the next day to set up an appointment to get it done...and didn't bother calling.

Finally, on Thursday, I called him and he apologized...again.... and said he should have called, but didn't, and that he had given our info to somebody else and thought she was calling.... but, took blame for not calling and asked if I had the date for fixing things.  All well and good, but, still I had no clue as to what was happening and had to call him to find out.  I still didn't have a date ..nobody had called.  He then told me he will be here this Thursday, with a cabinet finisher, and the two of them will build the oven opening... re-build the microwave opening... put on the panels for the fridge and the dishwasher and finish up the other 'deficiencies' as they refer to them.  My fingers are crossed...but, I don't hold out much hope for anything at this point.  We have been through so many fixings and screw ups already...and this may end up being not much better.  Very upsetting for the horrible expense and the fact that these guys are supposed to be one of the best in the city.  At this point, there is not one redeeming feature to recommend this company to anyone I know.

My oven still sits in the middle of my dining room.  Even if they do get the opening right on the fourth attempt.... will the appliance installers be able to come on Friday?  who knows.  Nobody is saying.  And, mostly... nobody cares from what I gather.

I was so upset last week that I didn't even want to put up the tree.   Mr. BV said "oh, no you don't"..... "you love Christmas... you know how you love the sparkly, pretty tree" .... "we are definitely putting it up".  "Now".
He dug around in the still overstuffed storage space and found it... dragged it up and put it together.  Plugged it in and was already putting on the first balls while I sniffled a bit in the kitchen, and heated some leftovers for us to eat.  We poured our little snifter of Bailey's and turned on some Christmas carols and decorated the tree.  Our usual tradition.  It is beautiful.  And I do love it.  He says if the damn oven is still there on Christmas Eve...we are just gonna put a big bow on it and shove it closer to the tree.

We won't be able to cook a chicken in the little toaster oven...but, hey...I can make my special Artichoke Chicken casserole.

It won't be the Christmas we hoped for .... but it will be great compared to a lot I lived through before I met Mr. BV.    I will be warm, cozy, and loved ... and there will be food.  Nothing more I could ask for.


Catherine said...

Your new wreath looks very very nice! Lovely!
And 'rats!' to your oven still being in the middle of your dining room. Grrrrr! So maddening! I will keep my fingers crossed that they come to instal it by Friday. Good luck!
xo Catherine

Gwen Buchanan said...

That is the best approach to take for your sanity. and you have a thoughtful, sweet, wonderful, Mr BV to be thankful for.
Next year this time, you will have this story to tell... cheers to you!!

Gretel said...

Nest year...there is always, please God, next year. Professional incompetence ever ceases to amaze me. Good for Mr BV, he knew the tree would make it slightly better, I wouldn have needed more than a snifter of Bailey's if I'd been stuck in that situation!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

oh jeeze! not that hard to build that for the stove, hell i could do that.
i really hope that they figure it out so your stove isn't sitting there.
really glad you still put your tree up! should enjoy the holidays as much as you can!

Lin said...

Well, the light is lovely over the the middle of the living room. :)

It will be okay. Especially when you consider what some other folks are experiencing this Christmas, right? I could be so much worse, you know? This is something you will laugh about years down the road.

Judi W. said...

.. aaannndddd the floor looks fabulous! at least you have the tree up! I still have all my bedroom furniture in the middle of the living room. No decorations at all for me. But back to you (instead of feeling sorry for myself - I will feel sorry for you) - I do hope they sort the cabinets out. And it is one Christmas out of many to come ... we can both weather this! Hugs to you, my friend!

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Your wreath and Christmas tree look lovely Vee... and, just think, you'll have that new cooker all broken in and ready to do great things next Christmas!
All the best, have a very Happy Christmas. Catch you next year, Susan xx :D)