Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Serenity NOW!!'

Remember that ?   George's Dad on Seinfeld ... while undergoing anger management or something.  Only he didn't say it serenely... of course.  He yelled it out loud in line-ups or wherever he was getting frustrated.  I loved it and laughed my head off.

Not laughing now... just saying it.  Every day.

But, today... for you....... I'm just going to show you something cute and interesting.

At first I was taken aback when they put on the new cold air vents... painted the trim colour... because it seemed to me they made huge holes for the screws.  So, then ...of course, the holes must be filled.  With little mushroom shaped dowel thingies.... which need painting the same colour and with the same enamel paint as the vents.

I learned a painter's trick.

He stuck them all on a piece of masking tape and dipped them, like chocolates, into the big bucket of paint.  Then just let them dry.

See how nice and shiny they look?  No brush strokes or taking ages to paint them individually..... like our contractor admitted he had just done at the previous house he was finishing.  Hahahah.....  we all learn something every day around here.  Sadly .... not all of it good.

Not much  happening this week yet...except a lot of cleaning ...and a lot of waiting....

My new bedroom ... all cleaned .... washed myself into a corner ...

But, I also dry after washing...so was able to walk on it straight away.

.....and... yesterday we forced the big mattress up the steps...with some help from the plumber... whew...thank goodness he was there...I was definitely failing on my end of the queen size.

New digs.... all clean, shiny, and freshly painted..... now where is the rest of that bed?   Doesn't even look that big from the angle does it? ... ..and with the extra length of the bedroom now that we moved walls back about 3 feet.

More cleaning today....it all seems to look worse before it looks better....

And...no stove top hooked up...no fan hooked up and trim on yet..... no oven opening fixed yet....no dishwasher panel on....no fridge panels ready yet...oh,....and ...no microwave opening fixed yet.... and nobody will be doing anything til end of week (maybe) and then hopefully..... the rest ...Dec 4.   It's well past the time we were supposed to be moving back in.  And.. not the contractor's fault.  The cabinet guys are dragging their feet and making life miserable for everybody else.  Several things got put on hold.

 Wonder if I will be using anything in my kitchen by December 25th?

Oh, well....I still have lots to keep me busy.  The plumber finished up yesterday and I have lots of nice hot water for cleaning.

Onward with buckets of soapy water and several cleaning cloths....  my poor hands are like Velcro...and I am useless with rubber gloves.  They seem to be off more than on. ...  unless I get some surgical gloves...just too darn bulky....

Second cuppa coffee...here I come.....


Gretel said...

It is looking gorgeous, I love your colour scheme...and am just beginning to experience what you have been putting up with workmen and the like. I do hope you get some serenity for Christmas. X

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Such a great idea with painting small things and will have to remember for if I ever need to do this.
Glad that things are coming together and you must be happy to be back in your bedroom. Good luck with the rest, won't be long now!


Lin said...

You're gonna get there, pally. You really are. It just seems worse because you are so close to the end.

The rooms look LOVELY!! :)

Catherine said...

It's really starting to come together. So pretty. That is a good painting trick!
Have a happy week!
xo Catherine

Judi W. said...

i would probably end up with the little mushroom thingies in the bottom of the paint can :) love the wall color - what is it called?

and now ... say .. Ohmmmmmmmm

Mary Ann Tate said...

It's looking great and will get better:) I'm painting walls at the moment...I hate painting anything but it has to be done.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Nice and fresh!