Wednesday, June 22, 2011

....... on the golf course..

Finally!  I'm able to get a full swing and went out on Ladies Night to play 18 holes.  Here is the "island" hole.  It was beautiful, green and the water was so still..... but, the mosquitoes! YIKES !

This display is right beside the tee box on the 16th hole.... it's from last year.... didn't get to take a photo yesterday...

Me hurt today.  ow.... but,...a good hurt really, because it is just muscles being used.  Even my butt hurts from sprinting around dragging and pushing the cart full of "tools".  Those night time ladies like to have plenty of time to hang out in the clubhouse with a cold one and some grub.  That's a good thing.  Especially this time of year. OMG!!  the mosquitoes!  It was 'orrible!

If you got off the fairway they were so bad it was a rush to get the ball out of the long usually my ball striking was not the best.  But..also..I haven't been able to hit a ball for 5 that has a lot to do with it. I hardly got to practice before I did myself in and then...just been waiting it out for the ribs to heal.

I do feel them a bit more today....but, Ibuprofen and in about 20 minutes...I will be better.  I hope.

Today whacking golf balls.  Two days in a row right now is enough.  I'll do some more tomorrow.

I have other chores to get through today... like ordering a new throttle cable for my motorcycle.  Somehow a split appeared during the winter.... how it got there I have no idea. This bike is in pristine stored inside all the time...and there is nothing that can touch it in that spot. Look...pristine. So it seems weird to me.

I love this bike..but, I need to get it on the market...I'm selling it.  It would be foolish to ride when I know I have full blown osteoporosis.  If I get knocked off ... well, it would be more than just a few ribs that would be broken, and would not be a good thing.  So... best sell it.  Before I jump on and ride it and change my mind.

I'll be safer on the golf course, or in the kitchen..or making bears or something....

or ....we could go back to Portugal and  do some fishing.....

See more amazing history and architecture ...

Eat more of that amazing food!  Look at the size of those skewers!  Swords.  That's more like it.... with waaaay more meat skewered than we could eat.... oohhhh but it was tasty....


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

So glad to hear that you are out pounding around the golf course again.
Have been wondering how you were feeling.
Oh yes, wouldn't it be nice to be back again in Portugal.
I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

Feel better from all that exercise and have a great day

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I think Portugal would like you back there too.
Take care of those achy bones and enjoy your golf it looks like a beautiful course. Nice bike. B

Jennifer Rose said...

def. not a good thing if you fall off! sad that you have to sell it tho

Unknown said...

Would training wheels help? Hehe!
Love the bike and glad to hear you're back at the golf course and not just a spectator. Hang in there.... I know how easy it is to give up on something and then regret it. Another little visit to Potugal sounds right up your alley. Maa

Susan said...

Good news that you're back playing golf. What beautiful landscaping on the course too!

Your bike is a beauty and it's a shame you have to part with it, but, you're right - too risky with the bone situation. Perhaps seeing it go to someone who can appreciate it and get enjoyment out of it like you did, will help ease the parting.

MaryO said...

Oh yes, selling your bike must be a "wrench". My son would be devastated if he had to sell his.
But you have the golf to enjoy and that's much better..and less dangerous...for you than the motorcycle. I'm sure your game will improve once you've had more hours on the course. And some good insect repellent would help too!!!

Mrs Mac said...

Glad you got to play some golf, but sorry about the bites!! Does taking anti-histamines help?
Mozzies don't seem to bother me much but Luvbug gets bitten to pieces. I say it's cos he takes too much sugar!

Potugal- I've been to Porto but no further. Very hilly!!!

We bought some new crockery today- how's this for coincidence- it's made in Portugal.

Maria Vaz said...

We want you back! Portugal wants you back!So glad to hear that you are able to enjoy some golfing. Take it easy, lovely! Have a great weekend. Hugs.

Sylvia said...

Hello Veronica,
It's a beautiful bike, sorry to hear you have to sell it.
I've never been there, but Portugal sounds good !
Take care !

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back playing golf - just don't go mad!! I'm sorry you have to sell your bike - but sometimes we just have to admit that our bodies aren't the temples of youth that they used to be!!