Saturday, April 30, 2011

back to Portugal...... Peniche and Obidos ..

... after spending plenty of time at the beach at Peniche ..wandering all over and taking lots of pics and enjoying all the views... the day was still young enough to hop into the car and drive on...

But, everywhere I looked there was more to see;  ... more to photograph.  Turn your head to the side while waiting for a green light...and hey!  look at that beautiful window!  stop ... look at that neat door! look at that.... whoa... just a minute........ I was worse than a little kid.

All of a sudden ... we were at Obidos....  a medieval town with castle...

And.... there just happened to be ....a chocolate festival going on!

All along the cobbled street, vendors and the tiny regular shops had chocolate goodies to delight vistors.  I can't believe we didn't take a picture of the tiny chocolate cups containing our strong sweet alcoholic beverage!  Maria.... what was it called again ?? UPDATE:: it is called Ginja or Ginjinha... and is made from cherries... thanks Maria.

Like I said...keep looking ...sideways... behind..UP..... definitely up... and see it all...... or miss plenty!  How would you like this for your little morning coffee balcony.  People lived in these quaint places.

It was becoming afternoon....and the light from the

I think this is Wisteria (although I first thought Laburnum, but have only seen that in yellow)  from having seen some on Lines from Linderhof ... and also on Sylvia's blog Cosiness.

Just heading into the castle itself after wandering through the cobbled streets of the little medieval town..

.... hurry....sun going down soon........

... ahhhhh....this little guy has the right idea.  Last rays of the day's warm sunshine..... his own private bench.  Cats have it all figured out.

 incongruous.  All part of the candy and chocolate theme of the festival... but, still..... made you laugh out loud really.

Looking out from the parapet .... those serfs are a long way dowwwwnnn.........

... out the other side and back into the little town within the castle walls.... such steep pathways and roads.

Yes.... the cars were driving up from somewhere and popping out of these little things!  One guy totally burned out a clutch...we could smell it for quite a while after walking past his car.

Goodbye Obidos.... whoooooo...and goodbye plenty of chocolate goodies.  By then we were wired and could have gone on all night I think....But... it was time to head for home.  M & J's place in Portugal that is..... our beautiful home away from home.


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh chocolate :D love the candy statues :)
the sun shining on the buildings looks gorgeous :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

that is the beauty of a holiday, seeing the Architecture and wonderful places. How neat that you went to a chocolate festival (must have been fun)
I love the way you took the photos as the sun was going down, such a nice time as the light and air seems to be still and beautiful.
Happy weekend


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Oh, those little roads are lovely! Of course I wouldn't want to drive on them. I feel a bit paniced when I'm in England. The roads are so much narrower than they are in the States.

Unknown said...

Oh I love them all. What a beautiful place. Thanks again. Maa

Buttons Thoughts said...

Wow I would love to be there it is a photographers paradise and chocolate to boot all a girl could want. Have fun my friend. B

Abi said...

Beautiful images V. I miss being able to go over there at the drop of a hat.. we used to be able to get flights for less than $50 dollars! I have a huge box full of photos - in particular the buildings; old, rundown but beautiful.

Catherine said...

A chocolate festival? Oh my stars... I would have never left there!!! ;)
xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Yes, that ceratinly looks like wisteria. A chocolate festival .... heaven. Lots of lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Another great posting of your memorable vacation in Portugal. Oh those yummy chocolate cups ... the beverage is called Ginja, so good!
Keep them coming! Miss you

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Beautiful photos, Vee! Hope you enjoyed the chocolates. Yummy
I love castles and that one is so nice.

Sylvia said...

What a wonderful place, Veronica, you've taken beautiful pictures !
So nice you mentioned my blog :-)
Wisteria (we call it blue rain) has a delicious perfume, Laburnum (golden rain), I don't know if and how it smells.
I agree, the translation can be really funny, also with French comments I receive.
Wish you a nice week,

Unknown said...

I OOOOHed and AAAAHHHHed my whole way through this post! I love the windows and doors and buildings; my FAVE is the kitty in the setting sunlight. What a treasure!!!

Wateringen said...


What a beautiful pictures..and your dolls are lovely.
Please take a look into my world.


Shashi Nayagam said...

That was very remiss of you to leave Kira out of the scene. Good job she can write letters to put matters right.
Enjoying your photos.

Linda Vincent said...

Been looking at all your recent photos Vee; they are fabulous. Obidos and Peniche......they are both on my travel list now. Wonder if there'll be a chocolate festival next year... :-)
Linda x
PS Thought I saw Peachy on one of those pics ;-)

Susan said...

A chocolate festival - wonderful!
Oh, all those gorgeous little streets and balconies ... love them. What a fab trip.