Tuesday, October 13, 2009

uhm...jingle bells? ... photo of the week

a day late again.. and this time I won't even bother to claim I have excuses... even if I do....lol

The doors are now on all three rooms that are nearing completion....the carpet is installed but there are problems to solve in the main room.... my hair is falling out, both of us have a wrecked knee and my nails are down to the quick.... ..other than that...hey, life is wonderful.

On a high note...the new desk and a set of drawers for the office were delivered and the guys were soooo careful I almost cried. "Thanks", my new best friends...!!

Winter arrived overnight...and the flowers were shocked... .. so are all the leaves on most of our bushes and trees ... it was so nice for so long they forgot to turn or drop. Highly unusual...the robins are still madly diving about trying to get some of the last berries.. although they cleaned off the Mayday berries last week...before the leaves even fell off..which they still haven't done...they are a lovely dark burgundy and clinging still. Maybe the robins knew something we didn't.. or don't.... this could be a different winter...... hmmmmm........I don't want to even speculate... I have never really seen them bother with the berries on the Mountain Ash across the street, but they were in and out of there all day two days ago.


MaryO said...

Oh dear, I don't envy you having snow so early! Hope it doesn't mean your winter has started in earnest already.
It sounds like your work on the house is nearing completion. I'm sure it's all going to be gorgeous, but sorry about your knee and nails, and hair!

Michelle Eaton said...

Snow already!!?? Hopefully your house will be done soon and you can both relax and take a breather.

Maria Vaz said...

Oh my dear Vee, so sorry to hear about your knee, nails & hair. Please take it easy, it will all get done (easy for me to say ;), I'm sure it will look fantastic. Snow already! That's Calgary, as we know it ... record high in Sept and now snow. Rob came to visit us, he is enjoying some +30's here. He didn't even bring clothes for this type of weather.
Take care of yourself, my friend. Miss you. Hugs ... Maria

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah don't miss the snow you can get in alberta ;) i'd say the birds probably do know something, hopefully their weather radar is on the fritz tho ;)

Serena Lewis said...

beautiful pics, Vee....where did autumn go? the weather gets more and more strange across the globe.

Serena Lewis said...

I meant to say that I hope all your reno problems will be over soon.