Monday, October 5, 2009

HUH????? !!! Photo a week...

WTF?? !!
Why would anybody do this? ARRGGGhhh!!!

In a small room 12 X 12.... there were no less than a dozen pieces of underlay... INCLUDING THIS PIECE .... cut so strangely you could hardly believe it....but then, if you could have seen the totally bizarro kid that was busy wielding the knife...maybe so....

We always come and go and check on operations with any of our renovation work that we hire out.... exactly because of stuff like this. We seem to have no end of problem with any of the trades.... over too many years to count now.
But, come on...even if you didn't know a frikkin' thing about floor laying... common sense, or something resembling it at the very least.... should tell you something. But.... if you wear skin tight skinny jeans.... with a wide, white belt buckled firmly around your upper thighs...( that would be below the cheeks of your ass folks, and much as I'm given to some exxaggeration on occasion.. I kid you not!!) ..... and the whole of your thin, holey, purple undergarment along with the hairless cheek of your ass is visible....well....I rest my case. Not to mention he was hacking, coughing and sneezing all over the place. I swabbed the house down with bleach when they left.

Which they did .... immediately after I discovered this fiasco happening in just the one room! The head guy of the group of 3 was absent all the time the kid was busy hacking up the expensive underlay. .... @ why us? Why can't we be lucky like so many of the people we know who have renovations done? Unbelievable..... and unconscionable... how dare they try to get away with something like this? I can't even imagine how they thought they were going to get away without floating the floor they obviously were...because they were already throwing down underlay...instead of floating things first...which should have taken a couple of hours.

This was supposed to be the best floorlaying crew... we had specifically talked about it with our salesperson...because we have already experienced the worst..with our hardwood fiasco several years ago.... and a drunk, arrogant contractor that got several things done before he was caught..including taking home our hardwood to his own well stocked garage. Where does it end for crying out loud? are still not done with the shenanigans. The carpet has creases and flattened pile in many areas. They say it happens with regularity...I've never heard of it. They insist it will sort itself out after about a month of traffic and vacuuming, but it not...they have a plan B.... and something to do with heat application. I might have to invite 30 people over each night for that month....seeing as Greg and I won't be much traffic..... or take up tap dancing or something... no, it won't do. So... tomorrow the salesguy will be here...yet again take a look and make some decision on what to do now. Meanwhile.... this is my laundry room

The portion of the pool table that is too heavy to lift, Mr. BV and I did manage to skid into there on a rug... very gingerly so we didn't wreck walls and painting efforts... it's leaned up against my washer and dryer.... that can't stay there a month. I guess they forgot that we are people.... must live ...must do laundry... and it would be kinda nice if we could move the rest of the furniture out of the kitchen, the front room, the hallways and bedrooms and back downstairs where it belongs. You can't even navigate through the front room for excess furniture.

The second really great opposite of the first... decent human beings... I could have hugged the Dad by the end of the day. I couldn't believe my ears when I overheard terms like "quantum physics" and talk of the Mayan calendar, etc.... being bandied about down here while they diligently worked tearing out glued down underlay and spending two hours floating things and re-doing ..... arrggghhh yet again! Why was this crew not sent to me in the first place? .... Ooooooh... I'm livid. The two of us spent a horrible weekend.... upset with all of it and I was in tears a few times with the situation.
They say 70 % of the things we worry about never occur..... well, lately...more than 90 % of my worries have already come to pass....I'm ready to shove a stick of dynamite up somebody's rosy red rectum!


thanks for all your concerns re: my back.... I figure it was a rib out of position and managed to press things back with the help of a doorframe. ..... by that was alright.... so physically I'm fine. Mentally...I'm pretty bloody unstable.... nobody better mess with my head anymore this week... or I'll cheerfully strangle them and tear them into manageable size pieces to dispose of.


Linda Fleming said...

Oh dear gawd! I don't even know what to say, but I can sure relate. Several times a week I day dream about loading Isabella up, driving away and never looking back. I would give anything to go back to leaasing an apartment. I hate and resent every single thing about renovating- every cent spent, every minute working on this mess, and every tear shed over it. Every problem we try to solve uncovers yet another problem.I'm to the point that I'm praying for death-LOL! I fear that will be my only escape reno hell.

And here I thought you were finally almost done- damn, damn, damn! I feel like crying with you, poor Vee. Sending big empathetic hugs- for all the good that does-LOL!

JudiA said...

Vee honey, I don't even know what to say. A call to the BBB might be a good first step. Oh I hope it all goes smoothly after this!!

HElen said...

Vee, Did you see the movie "Analyze this" with Rovert De Niro. If yes - the only thing I can suggest - hit the pilow!
If you did not see - get one and it will make you smile

Hopefully it will be over one day, one way or another. Hold on there...

Many hugs, HElen

Judi W. said...

calls for alcohol .. :)

Draffin Bears said...

Oh dear Vee.
I was thinking that we were going to be seeing the finished carpet down.
I am so sorry and do not know how people can even pose as carpet layers when really they are not.

Sending hugs and do hope that you can get it sorted and have your carpet down so you can get your house back to how you want it.
The sad part about it, there are so many out there like that.


Jennifer Rose said...

glad you are physically better but I am completely at a loss for words about the carpet layers o.0

Marie Antionette said...

My poor darlin Vee!!! What are they doing to you? I'm glad you washed everything down with bleach, But I think you needed to poor the stuff down his scroffy little ass.Why don't any thing seem to go right these days Vee? I am glad you got a good second crew.I pray that your work goes smoothly from here on out.Huh!!! I made a funny,but then again miracles do happen...LOL. Hang in there Hon...XXOO Marie Antionette

Dolores said...

Me thinks you might've upset someone at sometime and they put a reno curse on you.
Go have a drink, take a deeeeep breath, and take a walk. De-stress.
I do hope things improve from now on.

MaryO said...

Oh Vee! We've had some less than satisfactory jobs done here, but nothing as horrendous as your ordeal! Maybe it's just as well my DH drags his feet so about hiring others to do things around here. I hope the rest of your projects go lots better than this one. Hugs, my dear.

Maria said...

Oh my dear friend, how can this be happening? I wish I was closer to give you a comforting hug. Those freeks ... how can they do that to you guys? I kept going in to your blog to see a picture of the end result ... have faith, in the end it will look fantastic.
Hugs ... Maria

Pauline said...

Oh my word what an absolute nightmare for you Vee! You just don't know who to trust with work, should be a pleasure to get things done but nobody wants to or has time to do a decent job these days. Poor you.


Sandy said...

OH my, what stress with that group of guys you have had. Glad you have found someone better. You do write funny though, I had a few laughs over the "problems" there.

Serena said...

OMG, Vee!!!! You seem to have my type of luck...all bad. Rest assured, it will always be me who manages to pick the broken or faulty item (pre-packed) from a shelf of 100. Just ask Michelle. I'm so glad you caught the buggers before they had it all hidden under carpet......shame on them! Fix yourself a stiff drink, my dear. I know it's not a funny situation but I just couldn't stop laughing when I read the following - I'm ready to shove a stick of dynamite up somebody's rosy red rectum! Vee, you sure have a way with it!