Sunday, November 11, 2007

a busy week..

Another one gone in a blur. Finally got the Doll Crafter mag and Judi's "northern" mermaid pattern in it... the next doll I really feel excited about making. I will be out and about this week looking for interesting parka material.

Gee, here I was, waiting for just the right time to begin showing things or talking about Christmas items, recipes etc... not wanting to be too early because of the girls from the U.S. that come to the blog. They still have to celebrate their Thanksgiving and I was sort of almost feeling sorry for them..having to do that so close to Christmas and thinking that they would not want to begin festive red and green til well after that day.. hahahahaha.. not them. they are doing it before me ! They seem to have jumped from Hallowe'en to Christmas... and somewhere in between it all ..they will toss in a huge Thanksgiving weekend meal and decorations as well... how do they do it? I am so glad we are done with our Thanksgiving early enough to have a breather between it and Christmas.

I found some pretty little ornaments, a gold plate, great little biscuit tin and two tiny sleighs ... perfect for a needle felted bear to sit in. Also the tiniest little gingerbread cookie cutters ... although Greg did mention that the little girl looked more like a tiny angel.

Got the tiles finished in the bathroom finally..
there was a lot of scrubbing and even use of acid wash to get rid of a slight "bloom" or some darn thing on the grout... but I think we now have the colour and finish "we" wanted. Note the use of we.....

Installation of sink and toilet next....and I, of course, will not be lifting either. I am just barely back to walking almost normally this week after the bathtub incident. Still another chiro appointment this week ...then a bit of massage and I should almost be 'good as new' .... and hopefully a bit more clever.


Linda Fleming said...

Oh Vee- I love your ornaments! Yes, we seem to jump right into Christmas earlier and earlier each year here in the States. There were xmas commercials on TV even before Halloween this year. In fact, it was before halloween when we were shopping at Lowes snd found a big outdoor wicker sleigh to match our wicker reindeer. I was so tickled to get it- we had looked for several years for a sleigh.

Sounds like your bathroom work is coming right along. Glad you got the problem with the tiles solved. It's always something with these home improvements, isn't it? Don't work too hard and cause yourself anymore pain.

Judi W. said...

Up here in Alaska, the winter parkas are usually made with velvets in solid colors. The summer parkas are usually cotton prints - the summer parkas are called kuspuks. They also have a ruffle instead of a fur ruff on the bottom. So I took a liberty with them and mixed them up to make a winter parka with summer materials! Just look for something in a small scale. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you find!

I think the retailers are looking for more money so they start the holiday season earlier every year. Love your new ornies!

BumbleVee said...

hey Linda...glad to see you out and about. Yeh... renos hey? arrgghhh .... some days I could just scream, but then I think, why bother? we just plug away 'til its done.

tx for the info Judi... I, too, shall make mine a winter/summer type parka I think. lol...