Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

You just never know with birds.

What are they doing?  What are they thinking?  Why do they do that?  Are they nuts?

Every year some little sparrows work diligently ... dragging leaves, long stems of grass, and twigs and bits of string and all sorts of things up inside the top boards of a privacy fence in the yard.

I can't decide if it is several nests in there or if it is just one looooong one... the fence is 8 feet wide and they go all along the full length of it.  Maybe a communal  nest? Who knows.  All I know is... they work at it...then, work stops...and all of a sudden there seems to be no interest in it anymore.  Nobody comes and babies show up or anything.... hmmmm... what the heck is happening?

I pull out handfuls of stuff later in the season..or sometimes I try to do it as they are dragging in "stuff" to dissuade them..... nothing works.  We always say we are going to put in some blocks between each upright but, we never seem to get around to doing it and it begins again mid summer each year.  They are at the stage where they have sort of slowed down and are not so excited about dragging in any more material now.....

Look at this little guy...his leaf is bigger than he is.

He noticed me moving in the window...and took a running start with his prize, whatever it is ... can almost see the soles of his little feet...hahahhaha...

See the tail feathers?  They jump and climb up inside there .... it's crazy... they come out looking all wonky and their feathers are standing up on is a pretty tight fit.  A throttled " 'and brush" as my Mum used to say.

Missus Limpy sits on the patio wall...just watching,.. wondering what they are up to.
Oh, and that's another myth bashed.... crows do not keep the little birds from your yard.  As a matter of fact... the sparrows and others steal the seeds or crumbs right off the garden stone that is the "crow platter"... every time the crows step more than 2 feet away from it.  Crows don't scare anybody......

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Interesting! I wonder if the sparrows are building a 'pretend' nest that predators might see and then they're building another 'real' nest elsewhere in a hidden location. Makes you wonder!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Vee enjoying your birdies. Life has been busy for me lately so have not been blogging much. We have a pair of crows and one of them seens to be a clever cookie. I noticed the other day one of them was walking over the netting that we have on our fish pond to keep the heron away and trying to catch the fish!
By the way will you be able to tell me what sort of weather to expect in Canada the latter part of August? We are planning a trip to the Rockies. Do you think itcan get chilly?

Lin said...

It must be the same birds each year trying to make a home out of a place that doesn't end up working so well. I think they forget and come back to try again. Sort of like my husband--he keeps trying the same stupid method for something and ends up with the same poor results. I think someone said that is the definition of insanity.