Thursday, September 3, 2015

Almond Biscotti

Yep.... another month has flown.

I'm hanging out close to home because I've managed to break some ribs.....again.  It happened a few years ago as well.  Then, I leaned into a woodbox .. putting a fair bit of weight on them.  It hurt like hell when it happened ..but, like an idiot I also turned to my left and reached in again... also doing the other side.

This time, hardly any weight at all (barely leaning) on a spindly clothes drying rack...whilst trying to peer behind it into the water softener to check the salt level.  Yikes!  It felt like getting stabbed with a hot poker.  What an idiot.  There was a lot of swearing and then some crying.  Then, just being totally p.o'd.  How disappointing it is to realize I am in such a fragile way;  I've always thought of myself as 'sturdy' or physically fit even if I am a smallish person.   But, a few years ago I even gave up my motorcycle when I found out I have full blown osteoporosis.  Can't afford to get knocked off or fall off one of those if I can't even lean on something without breaking parts of me.  Let's just's bloody annoying.

Anyway.... onward.  I've been baking.  My usual fall back in so many situations.  I love baking.  And at my speed it is not too strenuous.
I can't lift out my mixer...but, Mister BV moved it onto the counter and I'm leaving it there.  For as long as it takes for me to be able to lift it once again.  It was only a week ago today that I did the stupid I have several weeks of not being able to do much.  Laughing, coughing, sneezing or any quick movements are shocking to the say the least.   Getting in and out of bed is agony.  Turning over in the night wakes me up with a start.  Okay... backtracking...hahhahah...oh, don't hurts!

These are lovely and rustic looking.  In my biscotti making over the years I've gone from wanting them to look pristine to loving the rustic, home made appearance of biscotti like these.

On my Tea and Scones blog I have more pics and the link to Nonna Pia ... (what a little sweetie) ...actually, I'll link this up as well.  She makes very soft dough.... which is the furthest thing from what most recipes make up.  She spoons it out onto the parchment paper.  Seemed so strange when I first tried it because I usually have a lump of fairly dry dough that doesn't even stick to my hands while forming the 'logs' for the first bake.

My first few test bake recipes are in preparation for ...............wait for it................................did you guess?  ..   and I'm not the first this week to be talking about it......... Christmas!

Yeh, I know.  Too early.  But, it isn't.  That's what happens isn't it?  We are still trying to have our summer fun... then, it's fall and other things happen, and, all of a sudden, whammo!  It's the festive season and we are behind the eight ball already.  Not this year.  I'm getting a jump on recipes and then, I'm going to get busy with some crafting stuff.  Yep.  This year I'm gonna be ready.

Hahahahhahahhaha..... oh, brother that really hurt.  Silly me.  I say that every year and it never happens.  But, also, having said that ...I don't have too much to do at the festive season except baking and some little crafty stuff.  Buying gifts went the way of the Dodo years ago.... when postage and bus fares went sky high.  Our families agreed to buy ourselves gifts instead.... or not.  How much does a person need anyway?  We usually spend our money on things for the house.   Luckily, this year we are not renovating....wooohoooooo ........

So, after all of those paragraphs of twaddle, how do you like my rustic, crunchy, Almond-y biscotti?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry you have hurted yourself - that is not fun and something to be avoided in the future. Osteo is a scary thing and not good if you can hurt yourself that easily. Do take care of you!! If you were feeling better I'd be asking you to put the kettle on so we could taste test those biscotti!! As for Christmas - I just bought the fodder to make my ornie series for this year so I guess I will have to get busy too.

Lin said...

Aw, gees, that stinks about the ribs. And the brittle bones. Getting old is not for babies, I tell ya. We had friends over the other night and when I got done listening to everyone's health issues, I was very thankful for my health.

Soooo, take care of yourself and just do a lot of baking and eating of those cookies. They sure do look delicious!

Dolores said...

Biscottis look good and I love almond flavouring. So sorry you're hurt but maybe you could get to reading some good books. Makes for a good excuse not to get housework done. I was thinking of you today when the weatherman said your high was going to be 9C. Just a tad too cool for this time of year but I'd enjoy it over the heat and humidity we will get this long weekend.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Poor you:( I had major surgery recently with many stitches and staples and I know the pain when you cough or sneeze....eeeeek!!!! And, getting into and out of bed!!!!! Take care of yourself.

Those biscotti look so yummy.....:)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh dear Vee I am so sorry to hear about your broken ribs. Do take care of yourself. Those biscotti look delicious. Yes Christmas does tend to creep on you suddenly.

Maria Vaz said...

Came for a blog visit and was sad to hear you had hurt yourself. Ouch, that's a nasty thing to have happened. Take care of yourself my dear and I hope your broken ribs heal fast. Take it easy now!
As usual, your biscottis look so yummy. Enjoy!

BeadedTail said...

Oh no! I once broke a rib while coughing when I had pneumonia so I know how extremely painful it is. The getting out of bed, sneezing, all that - awful! I hope you heal up quickly!

The biscotti looks really good! I've never had any before but I'm going to have to try it one of these days.