Monday, October 27, 2014

It's dry, crispy and orange.....

It's autumn for sure now.

Orange is not really my favourite colour ....  especially when it is corrupted with darker splotches and colourations.  Sigh.  Oh, is that time of year.

We have a variety of leaves in the yard...not many from our own few columnar aspens ... and, plenty blown in from front, back and sides.... all the neighbours have the trees ... the wind is their friend.  They all wait long enough so that they rarely have to rake.

One out of four is aspen.

I'm ticked.  Somehow I caught a cold.  Must have been about 17 cold germs marched in abreast in a weak moment or something..  and...I got it!  Dammit.  I hardly ever get a cold so I'm not a good patient .... as a matter of fact I have no patience at all. !!!

I felt a scratchy throat on Thursday and by Friday my head felt like a giant puffball.  I couldn't breathe through my nostrils at all.  Not much sleep that night... which of course, doesn't help anything.  Then, coughing all day Saturday til I felt my ribs were in grave danger ...luckily I've been working out regularly for the past few months and I'm sure there was more strength there than usual.  I was even doing oblique crunches ... getting to where I could get my upper body off the floor pretty well... not perfect yet and now set back a few weeks I'm sure.

It may be short lived as I feel more human already today... but, I ain't going to rush things....I know how quickly a person can set themselves back if they overdo too soon after a down and out session.

Looking at blogs still doesn't interest me... but, I'll get around to it .........soon.......... maybe.............


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry that the nasty crud has caught you - take care of you and feel better soon.

Gail Dixon said...

Hope you feel better soon!