Monday, December 23, 2013

Show and tell..

Finally!! I've had to keep it under wraps 'til now because my stitching buddy Maggi hadn't yet received it ...and she does check out this blog every so often... I didn't want to spoil my little surprise.

Remember the 'master sheet' of fabric I made from various bits of other fabrics?  Well, here is something else I decided to make from it..instead of just pincushions.... a little Christmas stocking.

I cut a design in light cardboard and moved it around over various parts of my sheet of decide on the best area to begin.  Tried bits of trim and got a feel for how it might look when finished.  Of course, it always changes midstream...but, that's fine... it's mostly just to find a great place to start.

See?  It did change ...I decided on a totally different area, but that's fine.... I'm sure nothing is ever set in stone when doing handwork.

I figured out a little bell in cross stitch and used some seed beads for a clanger... made some gold stars and tried a few French Knots with single strand of thread...  that was tricky...the gals on our stitching Flickr group heard about it and offered suggestions to tame unruly gold threads.... thanks ladies!
An edge of buttonhole lace on the real piece of lace on the heel, and a few green and red threads for holly and berries.. and, as they voilà!
I did find a perfect ribbon instead of the cord to hang it ...but, no, I did not remember to take a final photo of the finished product.  Too eager to get it on its way to Maggi's house.... ...

I love my own little rendition of some Christmas bells....  here you can see them close up before I added the lace to the heel.

And, because I was so pumped with my finished stocking...I just had to do another ...and it was easy to finish on time as I had already done plenty of hand embroidery on what I thought would be another pincushion....but, for some reason...I was having big trouble deciding what to put on the left side of this piece of mental block it seemed....... .until...I looked at it through my "stocking" viewfinder instead of this "pincushion" block ... ...hahahha....all of a sudden.. a stocking it became!!

The three large rose looking flowers are actually bits cut from the piece of lace fabric I won from Karen a while ago.... I added some bullion stitches around them...and of course, had a lot of my favs...tiny Forget-Me-Knot flowers....

Once I decided it was becoming a Christmas stocking I had to add some gold stars to mine as well... copying the first Christmas stocking... and found a bit more ribbon to hang it ....

Directly onto our tree it went.


Dolores said...

They are both very beautiful little stockings. Are they lined?

BeadedTail said...

Those are gorgeous stockings! We love those!

PeeS: We think there should be more time between our Thanksgiving and Christmas but we are okay with turkey anytime! :) Our daddy is the cook in our family since it stresses our mommy out.

Angel & Isabella

Shashi Nayagam said...

The stocking is beautiful and I can see your friend jumping with joy . Have a very Happy Christmas

Nan G said...

OMG! They're beautiful! They're so small makes them even more gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Twiglet said...

Totally gorgeous!! x Jo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How sweet are those stockings! You know - I just had a thought - wouldn't little pincushions look pretty on the tree too? A very happy Christmas to you and yours.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

I love the sweet stockings - aren't handmade gifts so much nicer than shop bought.
Hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays

Mary Ann Tate said...

Absolutely adorable:)