Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two posts in the same week

Things are looking up!

Whew!  Another hot one today, just like yesterday.  Forget mad dogs and Englishmen in the noonday sun...around here it is just Crazy Canuck golfers.  Yep... yesterday I golfed in +30C. Came home drenched in sweat.  Just soaked.  Oh, it was soooo  nice to have a cool bath and flop on the bed for half an hour.

Managed to do a bit of work on my pin pillow last night and today.  The guy who was supposed to come to finish off around the skylight... cancelled at the last minute this morning.  Arrgghhh!  It's always something with all of them it seems.  Nobody really wants to work anymore.  It's like pulling hen's teeth just getting them here ..then they look at things and have to go to the hardware store ...then, oh, gee, it's coffee time or lunch.  It all depends on how late they arrived.  Wow.  How did I go through life not ever finding a job like that?  I had to work and work hard at every darn thing I ever tried in my lifetime.  Silly me I guess.

Best laid plans... now he can't come 'til next week... and I have the dentist on Monday, so, it will have to be Tuesday...let's see if he shows ...

I got a bit more stitching done today ..after I worked in the garden 'til it got too stinkin' hot.

Here is the story on these hearts.  I told it on Flickr, but many of you don't go there, so... I'll tell you here as well.
I didn't notice 'til I took off the waste canvas (the grid I use to stitch the little crosses) that the top right hand side X was one space over from where it was supposed to be.  Maybe nobody would have noticed, but I knew, and wanted to change it; so how could I ever get the grid in the proper spot for only two tiny crosses?  And, I didn't want to unpick my little heart.
What did I have to lose if I tried to fix just the top two crosses without using a grid?  If I failed, I could just unpick the whole heart and do it over.   So, I unpicked only the top two X s in order to have thread long enough to knot.  And, did them again, freehand.  You can't even tell.  Happy me.

Some web stitches and some French knots here and there as well... and a little thingy I cut off a bit of trim at the top right corner... it is loose and lifts up and down... like a tiny bell.

A couple more hearts above and little lacy ruffle....

Coming along.  Might be able to get it stitched and ready for outlining with buttonhole lace stitch tomorrow ... fingers crossed....


Annie said...'s truly stunning.
Annie x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I agree with you totally about the unreliability of some workmen these days. Those sorts of jobs weren't around during my working days, that's for sure. Your little hearts look like perfection!

Beedeebabee said...

Vee, your stitching is really dainty and perfect! Love the frame idea in the post below. It really does help to focus in on a certain section. I've done the same in the past when stitching ATC's. Have a happy weekend! xo

Rhissanna said...

Goodness this is a pretty little thing! I admire your dedication in getting the little hearts lined up. yes, that would have bugged me, too!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Very very pretty. Love the way yo have used the stitches.
Lucky you that you still have warm weather. The temps here have dropped to 16 C . But can't complain as we had a good summer by English standards