Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jumped up ...

... to the seam where the piece of fabric joins Harley's piece.... and tried a line of bullion stitches.

I looked at a lot of Karen's bullion edges... still can't quite figure out how she does something that looks sort of random and yet gets it to look great.  Maybe it is not as random as I think it is .  I unpicked quite a few bullion stitches before I hit on this configuration ...and, I like it.   Looks like regular criss cross, but that's okay.... it gives a nice look to the seam I think.

The embroidery thread is my new Coton a Broder which I finally found.  Once I got busy stitching with it I discovered it is quite creamy coloured even though it is called Blanc.... (white) .... I wasn't really checking different whites at the shop... must call the gal and see if there is a whiter white .... hahhaha....   I need stark white for some areas..


deanna7trees said...

great job. i love them. and yes, there is a white and a blanc that is a bit creamier. i always buy the white.

DeniseinVA said...

How pretty, you are very talented with a needle.

An English Girl Rambles

Lin said...

White white is tough to find, isn't it? Do you have some thread sites that you shop online?

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

LOL... It looks like Greek to me matter how you look at it Vee.All I know, is that its beautiful to look at.No I'm not drinking...LOL. Did get sung by a red wasp last Thurs. And my fase is still swollen today.Have to go to Dr, later.Oh well...I need that drink.
XXOO Marie Antoinette