Sunday, April 7, 2013

maybe third time's a charm...

Definitely not the second.

Remember how long it took to piece together my first block of fabric for my wrapping cloth? .... and how I thought maybe the second one would be a bit easier and therefore take less time?  hahahahahha..yeh...right.... it took even longer if I'm not mistaken.

But, I love it. ...   and, that's all that counts really isn't it?

Mooooommmm.... c'mon... hurry up willya? .... how 'bout this lovely lacy hankie? .... ..

The guys and Buttercup were getting exhausted trying to help... poor little tykes.  Still burrowing in and out of all the lovely whites .... trying valiantly ..holding  up bits every so often for approval .... Mikki just finally fell asleep under his hat...which is not his really...he just "found" it and wanted to wear it even though it's a bit girly and quite obviously far too big for his little head.

I used a few bits from my newly acquired 'stash' from Twig too.  See the fabulous lacy looking scallops at the top right ? ...I love that piece... and just under it...the one with the cutout circles? a portion of a little blouse or dress top...  this is a piece of the collar... so soft and fine that cotton is...  there is one other piece of it with a button still on it...that will go on another block... definitely leaving the button in place.

My Friendship Garden is well under way now.....

.... today I'm going to cut up some hex shapes to piece together .... that's my new found info from Karen for this week ... other rnews..... whoops..I mean news..... it is snowing........................better get out to shovel too..........


Annie said...

Hi V,
I do so love what your working on and your little characters are just gorgeous.
A x
ps you have email.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Your friendship Garden is looking lovely - how pretty all the white fabric and lace is.
You must enjoy having your little helpers around too.
Do stay warm and hope Spring will be there soon.


Maa said...

Vee, I've left you a message on my blog today. Enjoy! Sue

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh these look scrumptious! You are very deft with a needle.

Anonymous said...

Your work is looking good. And your little helpers are so cute!!

Twiglet said...

You and your little pals are having such fun with those bits and bobs - I am so glad they found such a good home!! x Jo

Anonymous said...

You are a lovely story teller. Such fabulous pieces of lace. Can't wait to see the final result ... going to look superb! Hope the snow goes away and let's spring come through.
Miss u. A big cyber hug.

Kris Keese said...

Hello Vee,
Love the work you are doing with your lace scraps. I too am looking forward to the finished product. Your helpers are so precious!