Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Not much exciting to show that looks like it belongs to the day though....so I give you, instead.... flowers from my garden last summer.  I love peonies .. they look like fluffy pink clouds.

I gave away my heart cookie cutters a couple of years ago to another blogger... silly me.... and haven't come across a new set yet.

 I didn't always use them just for cookies either....they were handy for all sorts of things.  See how cute they look as part of my table decorating on another Valentine's Day?

So, no cookies..but, I did bake a cute little loaf of bread yesterday... and we had a slice of it hot ...slathered with lovely butter.  And...I declared it was our "day before Valentine's Day treat" ... does that count?

Actually the recipe, which is Carson's, from over at The 7 MSN Ranch, makes two cute little "couple" sized loaves (or one bigger loaf), but I took the other to a neighbour.  Bread is so lovely hot and fresh.  And, the husband of the couple wants to learn to make bread...so this is the very simplest of loaves to make ...and,....it tastes great!  I'm encouraging him.

It finally looks like winter here this morning....we had a few inches of snow yesterday........


Terra said...

Those peonies are beautiful and very Valentine-y since they have an air of romance to them.

Mary Ann Tate said...

It's snowing on the already fallen snow as I write this but tomorrow is going to be warm so it will mostly melt. I'll take a nice hot out of the oven loaf of bread anyday...num num.

Happy Valentine's:)

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Valentine's day to you dear Vee and I enjoyed coming over to visit you.
You are so lucky to be able to grow peonies, they are the most gorgeous flowers, and love yours in pink.
Also how darling your sweet bears are, amongst the hearts.
Hot bread and butter, ... nothing better.


Daisy said...

Mmmm, fresh bread 'n butter! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

BeadedTail said...

The flowers are pretty! We bet the bread and butter is yummy! Happy Valentines Day!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Those peonies are lovely and I love them too. I have a tree peony which has similar flowers. As winter set in the plant looked as though it had died I was so sad about it but the gardener said that it will revive in the summer so lets see. Your bread looks delicious and I am glad you had a wonderful day. It is still cold here but not as cold as the week gone by so I am hoping that spring is round the corner.

Sylvia said...

I'm sure that bread with butter was delicious, Veronica !
Your decoration with the cute bears and hearts is so lovely !
The snow is already gone here, now we have rain again :-(
Nice evening,

Soggibottom said...

Ha ha, just read your comment :-)
At least now I can visit and know just what your up to. :-) :-)
Luv's and lots of love :-) X X X
Going to love visiting here. Not sure you will agree ha ha......... :-) X X X
They are cute by the way :-) X

Stephanie said...

Love the cute table decorating. Hopefully you'll find another cute cookie cutter set someday soon! :)

BumbleVee said...
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