Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last seen in my untidy craft room.
Then,....I cleaned and tidied.

Uh, oh.....

Now...I can't for the life of me find him.



Remember him?  He still needs proper booties....and I was sort of thinking maybe I could do something with those to get me going on crafty stuff once again.  But, I can't find the little guy.

I've opened and shut every darn drawer in the room... looked under and in every single box, package and basket.

Where the heck did I put him?

Oh, man...I bet I won't find him for a decade or two........... and he'll still need boots.


Anne said...

Go and look for something else ..... then you will find him!!

Jennifer Rose said...

maybe he went searching for footwear?

Mary Ann Tate said...

He went looking for that know the one who spun gold...he needs the cash to get shoes:)

Catherine said...

Hmmmm.... me thinks he went tip toeing through the tulips or something. Or perhaps he's out boozing it up with some other questionable characters. ;)

Hope he turns up soon!
xo Catherine

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Vee, maybe he is hiding in a dark closet with a new found love! LOL
Hope you find him soon.

Sue said...

Just read your latest post...glad you found this little guy!