Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two days in a row...

Hey!! ...this could get to be a habit!  You know what they something for 21 days running and there you have it... a new habit is totally ingrained.  I'll be back into this by end of October.

Today.... more pelting rain.   Temperature has gone down to only +8C.... it is totally soggy now as well as darn cold.  Well, of course, that is comparatively.  As in compared to two days ago when it was a blistering +30C.  But, not nearly as cold as it will be in, ooooh, say... maybe December or January...when it could be a freezing -35C.... acckk! NOT even thinking on that just now...nope....absolutely not!

It is a perfect day for baking.  Turning on the oven instead of the furnace....making things smell nice and homey.  Bread...first on the list....then, muffins.... and then.... well, if I still feel perky.... who knows what else.  Maybe some biscotti.   The day is half gone though... and not much accomplished.... so maybe not more than that.

But.... it will be a good day if I get that accomplished along with some laundry and other odds and sods...

photos later.....
oh, for now... hen and chicks are changing colour.... and also being eaten by the bunny.... for the moisture I guess.  No rain for the past few weeks... we do need it today.


Twiglet said...

Oh yes - do have a go at making a dress for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme - I am sure it will be well received. x Jo

Catherine said...

Rainy cool days are always excellent days to bake. It was rainy and cool here today in Saskatchewan as well ~ but I was in a meeting all day. :(

Oh well.

Hope you have a lovely day!
xo Catherine

Unknown said...

Isn't the weather crazy lately? You never know what to dree in when you get up in the morning. Our days are beautiful and the nights are absolutely freezing. I'm waking to white frosts and need the fire every night. It's becoming a chore to light it each afternoon.
Still, I'm loving the indication of what lies ahead.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Again Vee,
Sorry to hear you are having dreary weather. All the things you plan to bake sound great. When can I come over? LOL
Hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer Rose said...

ack! no don't mention snow!