Monday, September 13, 2010

Madame P has returned....

She's been travelling for a year.  In a trunk.... or so they say.  It is called a travelling trunk show, so I guess they are actually in a trunk.  With many other dolls.  And.... I have to say that somebody, or more probably, many somebodies, have handled her very carefully.  She looks as good as the day she left home.  Her hair has hardly even moved.... oh, sure it was a bit staticky (is that a word)? ... just from the plastic bag she had wrapped around her...but just smoothed it down and voila.... good as new.  Here was the itinerary.  Did any doll makers happen to see her in person?

I admit to being a bit concerned... last year.  But... had to tell myself whatever happened, happened.  I wanted to enter the Hoffman contest... and I did.  I was hoping for big things...and that happened too.  She received Honourable Mention in a world wide contest.  I was thrilled.  However, when that happened, it also meant that she would have to travel.  I was a bit worried about her then...

But, somehow, they do manage to look after them very well.... and for that I am thankful... and may I just say, a happy enough camper to be getting excited about making a doll for the Hoffman Challenge 2011.  I didn't do one this year because my wrist was bad...and .... well, I admit it....  I was actually waiting to see what shape she was in after a year of travelling.

  Look at the fabric for next year!  Wow.  What beautiful colours.  Hmmm.....  I want to sit right down and just do some dreaming about dolls .... but, tomorrow... a consult with a surgeon about my wrist.  Guess we'll hafta see what he says first.  Who knows what will be the next step or how long things will take to organize and to heal.


Sue said...

She is so beautiful - I wish I had seen her in person!

Good luck with your surgeon's apt! So far so good - my wrist seems to be improving.



Pauline said...

She's fantastic, I would have been worried about her travelling but you have to take risks coz they pay off.

Good luck with the wrist, must be painful for you.x


Daisy said...

I am glad Madame P is back safe at home!

Petrinetrollmor said...

Hallo !

She is so wonderful your Madame P !! And I`m sure she had a wonderful journey.

You have probably noticed that I have change my buddy name from gunknitter to Petrine :)

I wish you a nice week :)

Hugs from Petrine (gunknitter)

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello my Honey,
I'm back too and thank you so much for stoping by and leaving me well wishes and prayers.
Now its time to get on with life.
I hope and pray for good news on your wrist.I know you are itching to making new dolls and bears. Miss P is looking very beautiful being she has been in a traeling trunk...LOL. I know you must have been very worried. I know I would've been.Let me know what the Doc says.You take care and May God bless you Sweetie,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award for Madame P - she is FABULOUS! Hope all goes well with the doctor's appointment. I'm still not entirely sorted out on the teeth front - but getting better!!

Jennifer Rose said...

glad that she returned safe :) and that is gorgeous fabric for next year, very oriental
good luck at the consult!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Huge congratulations for the award for Madame P ~ she is beautiful and you must be happy to have her back home.
Sorry to hear about your wrist and do hope that you can get some help from your surgeon.
Love the fabric for the challenge for next year.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I remember wen I had to travel to Ecuador in a box wen Mummy sent me to Daddy. It can be kwite fritening but wunce yu get goin it's fun. I'm shor she had sum exslent advenchers an this is the reel reeson her hair was a bit staticky. I bet she just got bak to lookin rite in time, just befor yu opend the lid. Heheh!

So do yu hav to yewz the patterns they say then, or are they just a culler skeem? Yu hav to yewz the fabrik they say? Mummy wants to noe if yu wud do a Tudor doll an Dilly wants yu to do a prinsess.

I wud prefer a Bear.

Never mind.

Heheh! Nose hugs!

Deena said...

Congratulations on Madame P - she is very beautiful! I hope the consult with the docot goes well and you are able to start creating for Hoffman 2011. As an aside, I was recently in Canada - Port Loring (1 1/2 hour from North Bay) It was beautiful!!