Thursday, April 15, 2010

wow... Thursday already....

Thanks everybody for your concern regarding Mr. BV's Dad..... he seems to be doing as well as can be expected.  Can actually get back and forth to the washroom although his balance is off, of course.  He will be assessed by his assigned physiotherapist this morning and is beginning treatment already.  They've done MRI and dye to check the blood flow in the neck... more info and decisions later today.  Much as we sometimes complain about our system...once a person is in the hospital... they are fast tracked into the various programs and treatments and off they go.

He will be staying in the rehab center of the hospital as soon as they find a spot for him in there...for the present he has a bed .... in a room with a few others guys...and is resting comfortably. I'm not actually there with Mr. BV and the family.....  my info is second hand.  I don't have any contact with his parents.. one of those "family" things that happened years ago..... so I'm staying with my sister in another town entirely.

I am "helping" where I can ... with some sewing and playing with fabrics making"hooker's hats" .... for a production of Les Mis.  Vikki's son and DIL are opera singers and music is their spring production ... a huge undertaking and my poor sister felt obliged to "put up her hand"  when it came to helping with costumes.  Well over 100 of them!!.....  Because, the main person who was supposed to organize it... has never been seen...and my sis became the one to research, organize and sew costumes... to try to find some assistants... and the whole thing has taken on a life of its own of course.  Costumes and fabrics now fill all of her closets and her husband's...and are hanging all over the house.  Today some will go for trying on... and while she is gone...I will continue with a few hats... yikes.!!  Good thing I can wield a glue gun!  Although, I did get a slight burn yesterday... I touched the glue too soon.....ooooweeee  !! I'm not much of a seamstress, but, I did make a couple of ascots or cravats... that was fun.  Oh...I hear muttering and iron slamming...guess I better get in the "sewing room"... and help if I can....... .

Oh....and.... talk about too much on her plate... poor Vikki.  Yesterday...I was having some weird thing happening with my has happened before and is kind of scary... I was seeing bright jagged semi circular lines.... even with my eyes closed.  No, it was not the bright garish clothes of the hookers..   So, then she had to drop everything and take me to the eye doctor.  We have eye problems in the have to be vigilant...and this is similar to signs of retinal tearing.  Her doctor got me in right away and checked everything ...and decided it was an ocular migraine.  No headache though... and apparently, it is not even really the eye...but, in the brain processing area. It subsided after about an hour...and sems fine now.   Hopefully today I can be helpful and not a hindrance.... I can feed the horses... do some tidying and make snacks.... oh, and make hats...what fun. 

Maybe I can find her camera and take some pics... mine isn't compatible with her USB port...and mine is at home.....


Serena said...

Glad to hear everything is looking good for your FIL...a pity you have to keep your distance but I certainly understand how that goes with similar situations in my own family.

I don't envy all the costume sewing and I hope the main organiser doesn't end up taking credit for all your sister's (& your) hard work at the end of it.

I thought retina when I started reading your symptoms but I'm glad to hear it was an ocular migraine instead. My student gets headaches, just problems with vision.

I hope you and your sis get a lot achieved today ~

Sandy said...

Glad to hear your eyes are okay, other than a migraine (yuck)... And hope your husband's father continues to improve. Yes, those "family things" happen..for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy for your eye problem and the family situation .... been there, done that etc. You might find this blog of interest .... the writer, a 36 year-old, recently had a devastating stroke. Take care with the glue gun - or as those of us who can speak Indonesian (!!) would say 'hati hati'

Abi said...

Hope your dad-in-law continues to make progress... must be a tough one.
With all that doll making, you'll be making more than hats! good luck!
Glad your eyes are ok... I've never come across that kind of migraine - must have been pretty scarey stuff.
Hope you have a good weekend :O)

rachel said...

Goodness, what a scary story - glad you're ok now. Good luck with all the hat-making!