Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Brown paper packages............."

.... tied up with string, glitzy ribbon, raffia, burlap ribbon ... you name it. Lovely old fashioned shopping bags are perfect.... or paper tablecloths...... you can dab gold paint on them with a sponge if you want a golden glow...and then use gold ribbons...or how about a pinecone rose?

If white is your thing.... try some white paper tied with beautiful ribbons. Traditional reds and greens...or cool colours like silvers and blues?? perhaps a stamp and some embossing powders?? or some glue and glitter? .... .. co-ordinate or contrast with ribbon? Craft paper or butcher paper is great for wrapping and is very sturdy.

Here is another one.... scrunch up sheets of white tissue paper; spray paint gold or silver and let dry. Or ... accordion-pleat sheets of brown paper; spray paint gold and let dry. Unfold and press with dry iron on low heat. Golds or silvers for ribbon.....

An easy decoration ... for door or wall. This bell swag is 2 1/2" flower pots painted gold inside and out. Use spray or brush. Then use a little black paint and water, make a wash; paint pots with wash. When almost dry, rub with cloth to expose gold areas and leave black crevices. Let dry. Metallic gold cord...(or your choice) threaded through hole in bottom... attach jingle bell to end of cord with wire and a bit of glue... tie a knot about 6 or 7 inches from attached jingle bell and poke through hole in bottom of upturned pot... leave cord as long as you want... several different lengths is nice... attach a ribbon bow with wire or glue to cord where it exits pot. With cut cord ends even at top, wrap wire around ends and twist tightly at back to secure. Attach with wire to some boughs, or greenery... then attach larger bow on front of cut ends of cord to cover wire and ends of cords.


Vee said...

Excellent ideas all! I really love the look of the dressed up brown paper bags. I think I should become a little more inspired this year. A lot of the fun is looking at the beautifully wrapped packages.

Say, I have a little surprise for you...only if you have time and inclination...really...I wouldn't hold anything against you...not ever. Come check out my blog today for the details...Hugs! Big ones!!

Judi W. said...

Gift bags, LOL, gift bags! I am the world's worst present wrapper!

kari and kijsa said...

Great ideas- brown paper is a wonderful started canvas, and your results are lovely! thanks for sharing such great ideas!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I must say it is charming.I see we both live in the great white north(that's what most of the south thinks anyways)After yesterday here I'd have to agree!
Your bears are delightful, that little one in the salad bowl caught my eye.
Can't wait to check out the cooking blog.They're great because there's no calories.
Hope to visit again soon, Susan

BumbleVee said...

Hi Vee. You should start a binder for Christmas tricks and tips... print off a pic or two... and file them for future reference. I have even begun to make a special binder for recipes that I love. I think I will blog about that too...soon...

Judi.... yep... bags make the perfect wrap in a jif... just put in some nice tissue or other pretty paper and you can make it look like you fiddled too!

Kari & Kijsa .. can't lay claim to the golden packages in the is a magazine page from ...uhm.... too many years ago to count. inspires each year and if I need or want a beautiful wrapping.... I have it to spur me onward.

thanks for stopping by Susan... glad u enjoyed your visit. Have a peek at my Picturetrail site if you want to see more little bears to make you smile. Check under needle felts for the type of bear sitting in the salad bowl. Pretty cheeky isn't he?

Linda Fleming said...

What wonderful ideas, Vee! I used to make the brown paper bag one, used stamps, paints and ribbons they were ny favorite wrapping papers, Then I got lazy and used store bought, Maybe I will do a few wrapped with the brown paper and be creative, Just the kick in the butt I needed! Thanks!

tamaraiivana said...

I'm sure that I have left you a comment on previous post but I can't see it now.
You were realy bussy posting.

Vee said...

Yes, notebooks for favorite recipes is something that I already have going. Plus a home journal a la FlyLady with a beautiful Brocante Home cover. Love it! I hadn't thought of a decorating one or an "idea" one. That would be terrific.

The shopping went on all day. My mother and I had a good time and finished up all of our shopping or really close to "all." I was too busy shopping to observe. I don't usually do a lot of "observing" but I sure do enjoy staring in blog windows. ;>

Now it's well past midnight and I've got to get to bed. My dark circles have dark circles.

this is my patch said...

I really enjoy wrapping presents, although I always lose the end of the sticky tape! I like all styles of wrapping, I do like using plain brown paper though and then jazzing it up with a bit of colour. When I receive a nicely wrapped present I appreciate the care and attention put in, and I like to replicate this when I am giving presents. I am off to have another look at your ideas. x